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LS engine swaps

LS Engine Swaps are Popular for Good Reason

LS swaps make sense for affordability, reliability, and industry support.

Go to nearly any big car show today and you’ll find LS engines swapped into many types of vehicles from classic cars to sports cars and classic haulers. The LS is the perfect engine platform to swap. Of all the comparable engine options, it’s usually the most affordable. LS engines are reliable and supported by the performance aftermarket in a big way making the sky the limit on performance.

The G Force Approach

G Force builds several LS swap parts that help solve problems and save you time and money on your hot rod build. And, they build them with performance in mind. All of their LS swap products provide improved performance, add strength, or reduce weight. Performance engineering and quality are always at the core of every G Force product.

G Force Banner for LS Transmision Adapter Kits

Alternative Manual Transmissions for Your LS Engine Swap

Hot rodding was founded on using unique performance parts and pairing them together to make more power and speed. Today, G Force continues that hot rodding tradition with their Nissan five and six speed transmission adapter kits for LS swaps.

If you’re not familiar with these transmissions, Nissan makes several great manual transmissions that can withstand the power of the LS engine. On the used market, these transmissions are readily available and far less expensive than mounting an aftermarket five or six speed transmission behind your LS engine. G Force includes the parts you need to allow connection of a Z32, Z33 or Frontier/Xterra transmission.

Z32 300ZX LS Engine Swap Transmission Adapter Kit

LS Z32 transmision adapter kit

G Force developed the Nissan transmission to LS engine swap adapter kits to help you get the performance you want by using a lower cost, but readily available manual transmission. The 1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX (Z32) 5-speed to LS Engine Adapter Kit is very popular for this very reason. Included in the adapter kit is the LS engine bracket to mount the Z32 bellhousing along with a steel flywheel, pilot bushing adapter and hardware. G Force made it easier to get the LS engine performance you want at a price you can afford.








Z33 350Z LS Engine Swap Transmission Adapter Kit

Z33 350z LS Engine Adapter Kit LS Engine Swap

If you’re looking to mount a 6-speed transmission from a 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z to an LS engine, look no further than the G Force Performance Z33 6-speed transmission adapter kit for LS engines. They give you the parts you need to make the LS engine swap with the CD009 transmission. Included in the kit is a new steel flywheel, an adapter plate to mount the transmission bellhousing to the LS engine, a starter mounting adapter, pilot bushing adapter and hardware. CD009 transmissions are tough competitors that you can usually find at a fraction of the cost of a high-performance aftermarket 6-speed transmission.








Nissan Frontier/Xterra LS Engine Swap Transmission Adapter Kit

Frontier Xterra LS Engine Swap Kit

Another high-performance transmission to mount behind an LS engine is the 2005-2015 Nissan Frontier or Xterra (with V6) 6-speed transmission. It has similar internals as the CD009 transmission found in the 350Z. In the G Force adapter kit, you’ll find the adapter plate for the LS engine and Nissan transmission bellhousing along with a steel flywheel, pilot bushing adapter and hardware.

Engine and Transmission Mount Considerations When Installing an LS Engine

LS engine swaps often cause you to move the engine forward in cars that ran a small or big block Chevy engine originally. On custom builds, you may want to move the engine back slightly for better weight distribution. To make up for the one-to-two inch difference,  G Force builds an adjustable LS motor mount adapter set that allows fine tuning when you mount your LS engine.It allows you to slide your LS engine forward or backward 1 to 2 inches.

G Force also built an adjustable transmission mount to easily adjust your transmission mounting position to avoid repositioning your transmission crossmember. All of these parts can make your LS engine swap easier with less headache.

Simplifying LS Motor Mounts for 2005 – 2014 Mustangs

Mustang LS Motor Mounts from G Force

LS engines are finding their way into Mustangs for a number of reasons. If you’re up for this LS engine swap, G Force builds LS swap motor mounts to make the install go easier. They’re a heavy steel mount with a powder coat finish for durability and great looks. And, they’re designed so you can use your stock K-member pad isolators to save you a few bucks.

A Better Way to Mockup an LS Engine Swap

There are a number of options to mockup an LS engine in your hot rod. You can hoist the actual heavy LS engine in and out until you get everything set. If the front clip is on the vehicle, you risk damaging it, or the firewall. Foam mock up blocks are light and easy to move in and out of the engine bay. However, you can’t weld motor mounts in place with the foam block in place because you’ll melt the foam.






LS Engine Swap Mock Up Block patent pending

G Force gives you the best of all worlds with their version of the LS engine mock up block. The G Force LS engine mock up block is made of rigid steel which allows you to leave the G Force mock up block in place when you’re fitting and welding motor mounts for better accuracy. It is also light enough to move in and out of the vehicle by hand.

G Force engineered their LS mock up block to be shipped in a small box flat box that you can easily assemble in your shop. This reduces shipping costs over shipping a full-size engine mock up block. Our patent pending tab and slot design allows quick assembly of the mock up block. You simply slide the tabs into the correct slots and fold the tabs over. It forms a rigid steel LS block skeleton that you can bolt on front drive accessories, oil pan, bellhousing, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds and engine mounts.

If you’re ready to swap an LS engine into your car or truck, take a look at what G Force has to offer. They are quickly becoming the headquarters for LS engine swaps with products that are performance engineered from start to finish!

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