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CD009 Transmission Alternative For LS & LT Engines

CD009 Transmission | A Rock Solid Manual Transmission Alternative For LS & LT Engines

CD009 A Big Bang for Your Buck

Not every car or truck build involves a wild budget. We know many of you have to watch what you spend. Sometimes you've got to be creative about what parts you choose, and hard choices must be made on the performance you can afford. That means getting the most from your money!


LS Engine LT Engine Swap Kits CD009 Transmission


LS Swap or LT Swap - You Choose

LS and LT engine swaps are becoming increasingly more common because they are relatively inexpensive engines to swap. It's hard to beat the performance and reliability of these engines. Also, they have the potential to handle way more horsepower than you need in a street-driven vehicle. If you're a weekend warrior racing at the track, these engines are perfect for running a supercharger or other power adder while remaining drivable on the street.

If you've decided on an LS or LT engine swap, you'll need to decide on a transmission. GM has several outstanding choices in automatics for different power levels. If you choose a manual transmission, that option narrows your options quite a bit. Tremec is the default choice in high-performance manual transmissions if you can find one and can afford it. However, other more affordable options are available. G Force has adapter kits to run a unique high-performance 6-speed transmission you may not have considered.

Nissan CD009 Transmissions – Affordable Performance

Nissan CD009 transmissions are a high-performance factory 6-speed manual found in 2003-2006 350Z, 2003-2006 G35 sedans, and 2003-2007 G35 coupes. You can generally pick them up for several thousand dollars less than other high-performance 6-speed transmissions, and they've been proven to withstand up to a thousand horsepower. Shifting is smooth with short, accurate throws, making for a great driving experience. The well-supported aftermarket for the CD009 offers clutch kits, upgrades, and shifter relocation kits, among other parts.

G Force Adapter Kits Provide a Bolt-In Conversion

G Force provides CD009 transmission adapter kits for GM LS and LT engines. Kits include the components you'll need to mount the CD009 to your LS or LT engine, along with a few custom-built parts in the conversion kit. Both kits allow you to run a factory clutch setup.

LS Engine to CD009 Transmission Swap

LS Z33 Swap Kit to CD009 Transmission

Car builders run LS engines in anything from rat rods and muscle cars to classic trucks. G Force developed the CD009 transmission swap adapter kit to make the conversion painless. The kit includes a 3/8" powder-coated steel adapter plate that bolts to the engine block and allows you to mount the CD009 transmission bellhousing. Along with a custom steel flywheel, pilot bushing adapter, hi-torque starter adapter, and hardware to round out the kit components. Installation is straightforward. There are only a few minor considerations to address during the install process. Clearancing for the hi-torque starter and bellhousing may be needed, but those are simple tasks.

You can get more information on the LS engine to CD009 transmission adapter kit on our website.


LT Engine to CD009 Transmission Swap


LT Engine to CD009 Swap Kit

LT engines from GM are showing up more and more in engine swaps. Like the G Force LS swap kit for the CD009 transmission, the GF-LTZ33-S adapter kit provides the necessary parts to bolt up the CD009 trans to your GM LT engine and includes a few parts you'll need in the conversion. G Force provides a 3/8" steel adapter plate that bolts to the LT engine and allows you to mount the CD009 transmission. The G Force steel flywheel and pilot bushing adapter that comes as part of the kit work with factory OEM clutch setups. Plus, G Force includes a hi-torque starter adapter along with hardware. This direct bolt-in kit may require minor clearancing for the starter and flywheel, which anyone can do.

More information about our LT engine to CD009 transmission adapter kit is available on our website.

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