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I installed these on my ultra low mileage survivor because there was absolutely no way I was taking a welder to the pristine underside of my car. These bolted right up and provide a ridiculous amount of rigidity to the sloppy fox body. Make sure your springs/shocks are in good shape otherwise you’ll be bouncing all over the place; yes these subframe connectors provide that much rigidity.

A couple of things not mentioned in the instructions. 1) you might need to loosen/remove the passenger side downpipe in order to get the nut plate into position 2) if your torque boxes are in factory condition(mine were) you may need to SLIGHTLY massage them in order to get the connectors to sit flush and line up with the bolt holes. Took me about 5 minutes with a block of wood and a hammer.

All that being said, don’t let anyone tell you that weld in subframe connectors are the only way to go. These things are the real deal!

Thanks for the great review and helpful tips. We appreciate your insights.

Heavy duty crossmemeber!!!

Worked great on my 1972 Chevelle

Excellent! Thanks for letting us know and for the 5 stars.

Ordered and installed, the converter only lasted 18 hours before shelling out

Thank you for reaching out to us. According to our records, this torque convertor was ordered in October 2022. Due to the length of time between placing this order and contacting us regarding your experience with the part, we will need to speak with you directly. One of our Customer Service Crew will reach out to you shortly.

Great product

Arrived quick

Great to hear! Thanks for the reveiw.

Mount and crossmember

Everything bolted right in. Worked awesome

Excellent! Very happy to hear it. Thanks for the review.

Fantastic quality. Unmatched!

There is a weird spot in the frame I had to contend with to place the 4L80e in a manner where I could use the factory shifter, otherwise, perfect! Super high quality piece. Will serve to stiffen the chassis a bit as well built as it is I imagine.

Glad it worked out, Andrew! Thanks for the 5 stars and positive review. We appreciate your business.

Crossmember and mount

Worked awesome, was able to bolt gear vendor overdrive right in.

Great to hear! Glad it worked for you. Thanks for the review.

Work great

The fit was little off but it fit

Thanks for the review. We appreciate your business.

A1 product

Fit was perfect, great product

Thanks! Glad you were happy with your Crossmember and thanks for leaving a review.

Great product, give me plenty of clearance for 3” exhaust!

Excellent! Thanks for the 5 star review.

Looks great

Work and fit great

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strong piece reminds me of a serious bumper

Thanks for the 5 Star Review. We appreciate it.

Mock up

I was pleased to finally find a 6L80 mock-up kit. And it was a reasonable price

Thank you for the 5 Star review. We're glad you found the mock up you needed. Good luck with your project.

Nice well made crossmember that fit perfect in my 67 el camino with ls engine and 2004r transmission.

Thanks, Scott. We appreciate the review!

Transmission crossmember

Fits perfect! Very nice product

Thanks! Always great to hear from a happy customer. We're glad it fit as expected. Thanks for the 5 stars!

It’s a tight fit but worked out perfectly

Good to hear. Thanks for the review. We appreciate your business!

When nothing but the best will do, BUY THIS Crossmember !

This is my 11th G-Force Crossmember I have purchased and installed myself. Most of my projects are 60's to 70 Chevy's. I prefer G-Force Crossmembers as I am always swapping to High Power LS based drivetrains and I need ground clearance/ exhaust clearance this one went into a 65ElCamino and fit effortlessly. I shimmed the mount and set my driveling angle with ease. Exhaust cleared beautifully, it's strong, and tucked up nice and clean. Hope this helps anyone thinking about the best way to upgrade their crossmember.

Love the title! We're glad to hear you're happy with our Crossmembers and appreciate the quality of our products. It's always great to hear. Thank you for being a loyal customer!

72 Cutlass 442 | 455 W/ 4L80E

Cross member was a perfect fit with the 4L80e behind my 455 olds BB. Also used the shorter trans mountain it was the right amount of clearance for the 4L80e with no modifications needed to the tunnel/body. Thank you for a quality product.

Thanks for taking the time to review our Crossmember. We're happy to hear everything worked as expected with no modifications. We appreciate the reveiw and your business!

Excellent fit!

Crossmember was easy to install and fit perfectly. Provided extra clearance for the exhaust!

Thanks for the great review. We appreciate your business!

Really need to make crossmember thicker where bolts run through for the transmount.

77 Malibu Fitment

While a tight fit, with a mallet and just the right angle, it will fit perfectly beneath the trans. My new 700r4 needed to be jacked up a couple inches to permit the trans mount to squeeze in. Once in place, it lined up perfectly with another set of factory drilled holes behind the original attachment points. Did GM plan for that frame to accept this trans series way back in ‘77? We did this install on the floor with the car on jack stands. This cross member is made of 1/2” plate and 3/8” tube — very strong, stiff, a bit heavy and heavy duty.

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Fits like a glove.

Bought this crossmember for a 1967 impala 4 door baby build and mounted with little to no effort. Would recommend to anyone and everyone

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Old school

It a nice cross member well built

Thanks for the 5 star review!

Perfect for what I needed

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Perfect fit for the transmission change over!

Putting a th400 transmission in a 1967 El Camino the G-Force cross member is tough and built strong. Perfect design for the exhaust headers and tail pipes keeping the exhaust system up high so it won't drag or hang to low. Definitely purchase the G-Force recommended transmission mount support.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Our double hump design has worked well with a lot of exhaust systems. We're happy to hear it worked so well for you too.