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1978-1988 G-Body Crossmember 700R4 | RCG-700

Fit perfect in original mount holes In my 1979 caprice, easy to install, looks and work great

Built like a brick shithouse compared to any other I've seen

2008 6.7lt to 4l80e.Did not fit without modification to engine block and the new 6.4 starter. Bolts were recommended and sold as well but were not needed. They are the same as the original on my engine. The bolt holes in the adapter are larger in diameter then necessary. Clamping load capacity is worrisome. Fit could be better. For the price of this kit I expected much better results. Disappointed in fitment and add on hardware recommendations. For this kit being specific to my needs I wouldn't expect so much modification.

High quality product

I had to drill additional holes inbetween the already made holes because I did not want to use the supplied transmission mount. (I slid the crossmember foward to use regular energy suspension mounts). Quality of the product is superb. Only thing is, the rectangle piece on the driver side is about 1/2 inch too long on both sides. (Theres a lip on the frame rail that doesnt allow the crossmember to slide all the way to the left, as well as it will interfere with the brake line going to the rear). These issues is only because I didnt want to use the supplied mount! I highly recommend. The car installed on is a 1977 caprice aerocoupe.

1968 Firebird Crossmember TKX Install

The crossmember looked fantastic and very rugged. It fit perfectly and i had no issues installing it. Used for a Tremec TKX install. Very happy with the purchase.

1996-2004 Mustang to SBC Full Kit- Fourth Generation | GF-CML-PK-C

LS engine lift plates

Very pleased with the plates! Easy to attach the hoist and maneuver the engine block. Cleared the truck intake and protected the coils and other delicate bits!
Thanks Trevor

The design causes it to bounce and flex. Also not well designed for exhaust clearance. It did fit in the car and work as needed, but could be better and the bouncing and flexing has got me a little worried.

Fit like a glove

Very pleased with product. Was just what I needed adding strength along with it. Thank you

Nice product fit almost perfect

Nicely made required slight massaging for the large bolts to fit through perfectly which the instructions mentioned, but very happy with purchase!

Outstanding Product and first of its kind!

Had the opportunity to grab a 6L80E crossmember for an X-body car, it works great. Fit and finish of the crossmember is very nice and I didn't even have to cut the tunnel. Great product, and the company kept me updated every step of the way! Will recommend to others and use again on future builds.

Cross member and adapterplate

Well made parts looks and feels like high quality materials even the powder coating on the cross member is flawless other then that cant really review parts any further because I have yet to install them on my car. All tho I am looking forward to installing these parts on my car and hopefully it goes as easy as everyone claims.

Made life easy

Looks great, great price, cant wait to fit it.


Great product for direct replacement.

B-Body THM350 crossmember

Quality piece, perfect fit. A little pricey, but paid for the convenience. Was happy there was something for the B-Body, Buick Lesabre, in my case.

Cummins Flexplate Bolt Kit | GF-BOLT KIT FLEXPLATE

TJ regulator delete

Works flawless and Perfect fit and finish

Jeep Wrangler TJ fuel pressure delete

Awesome product
Great service
Very fast shipping fantastic job guys.
Ps can't say this about many places 👍😀

Test fit

Nice crossmember, however it doesn't work for the transmission I'm installing. Trying to find a cross member to fit a TR6060 transmission. This one doesn't work.

Th400 crossmember

Great quality truly a bolt in part went right in nice and easily as expected. One question I have is does this crossmember require shims at trans mount to get driveline angles right. I have noticed some high speed vibration any tips will be appreciated

1983 Monte Carlo

Very solid very well built at a glance they look stock but way more legit

Couldn't be happier!

Ordered my G Force Performance Products RCS-10B-400 cross member on Monday after some back and forth discussions with them about which one is the correct one for my application and project. Shortly after being advised which one would work for me and ordering, I was called shortly after to advise that it would be about 3 weeks before it would ship. They asked me if that was alright and offered some other options if I needed something now. Welp... The RCS-10B-400 trans cross member in my possession 3 days later.

The quality is outstanding, the welds are stellar, and the finish is damned nice. Even came with 4 stickers in various sizes for all those who like to decorate their beer fridges in the garage.

A company like this deserves a shout out and if you're in the market for a cross member for your LS swap, take a look and see what they have to offer. Current Performance products offers up all kinds of products for several applications but the RCS-10B-400 is new as of this year and is made specifically for us 2wd Blazer guys with a TH400 Short Tail, TH375, or 2004R transmission.

Thanks so much to all the good folks at G Force Performance Products.

Flexplate bolts

Worked as posted!