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Transmission crossmember

Fits perfect! Very nice product

Thanks! Always great to hear from a happy customer. We're glad it fit as expected. Thanks for the 5 stars!

It’s a tight fit but worked out perfectly

Good to hear. Thanks for the review. We appreciate your business!

When nothing but the best will do, BUY THIS Crossmember !

This is my 11th G-Force Crossmember I have purchased and installed myself. Most of my projects are 60's to 70 Chevy's. I prefer G-Force Crossmembers as I am always swapping to High Power LS based drivetrains and I need ground clearance/ exhaust clearance this one went into a 65ElCamino and fit effortlessly. I shimmed the mount and set my driveling angle with ease. Exhaust cleared beautifully, it's strong, and tucked up nice and clean. Hope this helps anyone thinking about the best way to upgrade their crossmember.

Love the title! We're glad to hear you're happy with our Crossmembers and appreciate the quality of our products. It's always great to hear. Thank you for being a loyal customer!

72 Cutlass 442 | 455 W/ 4L80E

Cross member was a perfect fit with the 4L80e behind my 455 olds BB. Also used the shorter trans mountain it was the right amount of clearance for the 4L80e with no modifications needed to the tunnel/body. Thank you for a quality product.

Thanks for taking the time to review our Crossmember. We're happy to hear everything worked as expected with no modifications. We appreciate the reveiw and your business!

Excellent fit!

Crossmember was easy to install and fit perfectly. Provided extra clearance for the exhaust!

Thanks for the great review. We appreciate your business!

Really need to make crossmember thicker where bolts run through for the transmount.

77 Malibu Fitment

While a tight fit, with a mallet and just the right angle, it will fit perfectly beneath the trans. My new 700r4 needed to be jacked up a couple inches to permit the trans mount to squeeze in. Once in place, it lined up perfectly with another set of factory drilled holes behind the original attachment points. Did GM plan for that frame to accept this trans series way back in ‘77? We did this install on the floor with the car on jack stands. This cross member is made of 1/2” plate and 3/8” tube — very strong, stiff, a bit heavy and heavy duty.

Thank you for the detailed review. We appreciate it!

Fits like a glove.

Bought this crossmember for a 1967 impala 4 door baby build and mounted with little to no effort. Would recommend to anyone and everyone

Thank you! We love to hear how easy it is to install our Crossmembers!

Old school

It a nice cross member well built

Thanks for the 5 star review!

Perfect for what I needed

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Perfect fit for the transmission change over!

Putting a th400 transmission in a 1967 El Camino the G-Force cross member is tough and built strong. Perfect design for the exhaust headers and tail pipes keeping the exhaust system up high so it won't drag or hang to low. Definitely purchase the G-Force recommended transmission mount support.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Our double hump design has worked well with a lot of exhaust systems. We're happy to hear it worked so well for you too.

Everything all good

Well made.

Thanks for the 5 star review, Wiiliam!

Works great

Perfect converter for a cummins allison swap

Thanks! We're glad our Torque Converter is exactly what you needed. Thanks for the review,!

2010-2015 TR6060 Retrofit Transmission Mount Adapter | GF-6060-FA

Thanks for the 5 stars!

excellent service

Buying and shipping process were absolutely satisfying. We haven't installed the crossmember yet since it's being shipped overseas. Great customer service

We're glad to hear you had a positive experience with the G Force Crew. Thanks for the kind words. Let us know how your project goes.

Excellent product

Installation was a breeze. Perfect fit.

Great to hear! Thanks for the review.

A-Body crossmember

This crossmember is built. Possibly overbuilt . Impressed with product and how quickly it arrived

We're glad to hear you were impressed with the quality. Thanks for the review.

5 stars as it's built really well I bought it for a 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood coupe b body frames soposta be the same as a Caprice ECT frame and chassis wise even though I found out these isn't just going to bolt right in long angle iron on the driver side is to long to slide on top of the frame and make it worse doesn't appear bolts holes are differently not lining up and #1 worst part is it hits the factory drive shaft hoop and factory spot welded mounts for the hoop differently not allowing it to even come close sliding in luckily I haven't got power trains in yet but eventually I'll be seeing if it will work after modification if not all have really good tarp weight also the dual exhaust spots hit the floor I'm planning to run a single turbo ATM so kinda a haha on my part diffently not bolt om for 80-93 Cadillac brougham

We're glad you were happy with the quality. Good luck with your project.

5th Gen Crossmember

Perfect fit. Wish it came with bolts. Had to go and buy some. No big deal. Def an amazing product. Another must have for your TH400 swap

Glad it fit better than expected. Thanks for the review!

Trans Mount

Works great. Just what I needed for my TH400 swap. Must buy.

RCAEC1-400 is a great part

This crossmember was just what I needed. I replaced the powerglide in my 67 El Camino with a Turbo 400. This was the only crossmember I could find for a boxed frame with a turbo 400.
The crossmember fit perfectly after drilling out the holes in the frame to fit the suppled bolts. I love it, plus it is heavy (duty) and being low on the car, with aluminum heads, waterpump, batt relocation, etc. this will help lower the center of gravity a bit.

Thanks for the great review and details on your installation. We're glad to hear you are happy with your crossmember purchase. Thank you for your business. We appreciate it.

G Body AC Delete and Drip Tray

Love this combo and have it in all 4 of my g bodies. Very clean look and VERY well made. I’ve been recommending this setup to people for years….

Thank you so much! We appreciate the review.




Love it

Great upgrade to my caprice

We're so glad you do! Thanks for the review.

crossmember 1967 vette

All went smooth. Went in 1967 frame fit was great

That's what we like to hear! Thank you.