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Q3 Packed with New Products from G Force Performance Products

Akron, Ohio, October 4, 2022 Q3 brought multiple new products to the market for G Force Performance Products, a leading automotive performance parts manufacturer and supplier. While known for its strong and durable crossmembers, G Force continues to expand their product line for the car enthusiast.

This quarter G Force introduced eleven products, including bundles from the first complete engine swap kit in their lineup. The Porsche 944 LS Engine Swap Kit from Q2 includes some of the trickiest components that do-it-yourselfers usually self-fabricate, like the bellhousing adapter, motor mounts, oil pan, headers, and more.

G Force Complete Porsche 944 Engine Swap Kit

In Q3, G Force created two smaller bundles from the kit to further assist with this engine conversion. Depending on which parts are required for a project, customers can choose the entire Porsche 944 kit, only the engine swap components, or the parts for installing the exhaust system with headers

G Force also launched the Porsche 944 BMW Hydroboost Adapter to improve braking ability by using pressure from the power steering pump. More information about the Porsche 944 engine swap is available on the G Force blog.

Other new bundles include the 1984-1995 and 1996-2004 Mustang to Chevy LS Motor Mount Adapter Kits. These bundles combine the popular and proven G Force SBC motor mount adapter and motor mounts with an LS adapter. This engine conversion is a favorite for hot rodders that prefer the power of the Chevy LS engine but are partial to the Mustang chassis.

G Force continues to add to their specialty parts for the Ford Godzilla 7.3L Engine. This quarter saw the 2020+ Lift Plate hit the market for this amazing engine. This part joins the Oil Cooler Bypass and Coolant Block-Off unveiled last quarter. Engine swap mounts for the Godzilla engine will join the lineup in Q4.

Honda K Series Universal Motor Mounts from G ForceThe Honda K Series product line now includes the K Series Universal Weld-On Motor Mounts. Constructed of heavy-duty steel and designed for rear-wheel-drive swaps, the K20/K24 motor mounts come with extra long tabs and frame pads for cut-to-size convenience. The Honda K Series Engine with a Nissan Z32 Transmission is a popular conversion for performance enthusiasts. The G Force blog has more information about the great combination.

From Camaro adjustable rear toe rods to quick-release steering wheel disconnects, G Force carries a unique line of aftermarket automotive products for the drifter, dragster, hot rodder, autocross driver, and more.

Jordan Sampson G Force Performance Products Project EngineerJordan Sampson, G Force Project Engineer, noted, “We are very pleased with the products we’ve introduced in Q3. We continue to push toward a broader line of parts that performance enthusiasts want to improve speed, handling, and braking for their ride. As car guys, we know how important easy installation and strong, durable components are to our customers.


We’re constantly coming up with the parts for projects that our buyers would otherwise have to fabricate themselves. Our goal is to save them time and money along with an easier install and proper fit.”


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