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Ford Godzilla 7.3L Oil Cooler Bypass and Coolant Block-Off | GF-FGPBO


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Product Description

  • For 2020 Ford Godzilla 7.3L Engines and newer.
  • The Oil Cooler Bypass eliminates the bulky oil cooler on the bottom drivers side of the engine that commonly interferes with vehicle K-members when performing an engine swap.
  • It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • A stainless steel plug is included.
  • The Oil Cooler Coolant Block-Off plugs the coolant port on the side of the engine when deleting the oil cooler.
  • The Block-off Plug is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and includes an O-ring. 

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The stock 7.3L Godzilla oil cooler is large and interferes with some K-members when swapping the engine into a car for which it was not intended.

The G Force oil cooler bypass is less than half the size of the stock plate and sits tighter against the engine.

The necessary O-Ring and stainless NPT Plug are included.

Reuse your existing hardware to bolt to to the engine.

Learn more about a Godzilla Engine Swap and our parts.


2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023+


Ford Godzilla 7.3L



Weight: 4 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 6 X 4 X 4 In

Mounting Hardware: not included

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