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Honda K Series Engine And Nissan Z32 Tranmission

Honda K Series Engine And Nissan Z32 Transmission—A Great Combination

What makes the Honda K series a great engine, and why do people attach it to a Nissan Z32 transmission?


Honda is no stranger to building legendary engines, starting with the 2-strokes used in motorcycles to the high-performance Indy car engines. One of the latest and greatest is the K Series Dual Overhead Cam 4 cylinder. Most of the vehicles in Honda's lineup feature the K Series engines, which have a lot of potential to make serious horsepower.


Honda K Series Engine K20

The displacement varies from 2.0 to 2.4 liters and has a coil-on-plug, distributorless ignition. It still features the well know VTEC system, which is Honda's Variable Timing Control that advances or retards depending on the engine's load.


A high-performance version can be identified by the way they look. The 212-221 HP version has a red valve cover, while the 197-210 version has a silver valve cover. There are economical versions of the K Series making between 150 to 178 HP. Other options, like the turbo versions, can produce anywhere from 252 to 316 HP from the factory.


Tuning Potential and High Output Make for Great Swap


Many people use these engines in engine swaps due to the tuning potential and the high output straight from the factory. Some folks compare these to the Chevy LS in terms of engine swaps.


Tuners like the K Series because they can produce a naturally aspirated 9000 rpm engine or a very safe 500 HP forced induction engine, making the K20 very desirable.


So why put a Nissan Z32 transmission behind a K series?


The K20 and K24 engines are great, but they have a major setback with the ability to engine swap them. These 4-cylinder engines were almost exclusively offered in Front-wheel Drive (FWD) cars and SUVs. Therefore, car enthusiasts must use a transmission adapter to install this engine in a rear-wheel drive (RWD) car. The main reason why consumers like the Z32 transmission is due to durability and strength. These transmissions are capable of withstanding over 700 HP in stock form. Another reason is the cost. Salvage yards sell these transmissions for as little as $300.


Although Nissan originally developed the Z32 for the Nissan 300ZX. Now, these transmissions are being used in many applications because of their lower cost when compared to a Tremec T56 or the weaker Ford and GM 5-speeds. 


How can the G Force transmission adapter attach the K series to a Z32 transmission?


Honda K Series Engine to Nissan Z32 300zx 5-Speed Transmission Adapter Kit | GF-K20Z32-S


This engine-to-transmission adapter kit allows you to mate a Nissan 300zx (Z32) 5-speed transmission to a Honda K20 or K24 (2.0, 2.4 liter 4-cylinder) engine. From 2001-2016 Honda cars and SUVs came from the factory with this transmission. It's become popular for a transmission swap because of the smooth shifting and immense strength the 300zx Z32 transmission offers.


The G Force Adapter Kit fits Honda K20 and K24 engines and Nissan 300zx (Z32) NA manual transmissions. The Kit includes:

  • A custom steel flywheel.
  • A 3/8" steel powder-coated adapter plate.
  • Custom pilot bushing.
  • Starter hole block-off.
  • Hardware


Honda K Series to Z32 Flywheel

The G Force flywheel only works with a 1990-1996 300zx naturally aspirated transmission. The flywheel has provisions for either a naturally aspirated or Twin Turbo (TT) pressure plate/clutch setup and the 300zx starter mounted to the side of the Z32 transmission.


Twin Turbo (TT) Z32 transmission will not work with this Kit because of the slightly larger Bellhousing on the TT, which moves the starter out and further away from the flywheel ring gear causing the TT starter not to engage this flywheel.


The GF-K20Z32-S also uses a 300zx pressure plate/clutch and throw-out bearing. You have a choice between either the naturally aspirated or twin-turbo pressure plate/clutch disc.


G Force offers installation tips for the GF-K20Z32-S-Adapter-Kit.


Using our K Series to Z32 rear-wheel drive transmission adapter will get your engine bolted up to your 5-speed, but motor mounts must be considered for your K swap. 


Honda K Series Engine Universal Weld-On Motor Mounts

G Force has engineered a set of universal weld-on motor mounts for most K Series engines (GF-K20MM). These motor mounts have frame pads and long extension ears to cut and weld them into place on a variety of chassis. Constructed with durable steel and a powder-coated black finish for superior corrosion resistance, G Force motor mounts also utilize polyurethane bushings for ideal dampening properties. Please be sure to confirm your engine mounting pattern before purchasing.


If you're interested in a Honda K Series to Z32 swap, you might want to checkout what G Force has to offer.



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