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porsche 944 ls swap

Porsche 944 LS Swap

Porsche 944 LS Swap Brings More Power

New G Force complete engine swap kit for Porsche 944/951 GF-LS944-KIT

Introducing the first G Force Performance Products complete engine swap kit— the Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit.

For many years G Force has been a leader in engineering, and manufacturing transmission crossmembers as well as transmission adapter kits for popular LS, LT, SBC, and Cummins engines. With this new parts bundle they are expanding their line of engine swap kits to include other components critical to a successful conversion.

 Why are engine swaps so popular?

Engine swaps have been popular for years. You see them for numerous reasons. Before the LS, one of the most popular swaps was the first- and second-generation Small Block Chevy (SBC). These engines were found in almost every GM car back in the day. It’s predecessor, and GM’s most popular engine, the Third-Generation Small Block Chevy, or LS engine has taken over the swap game and is the most commonly swapped engine worldwide.

LS engine swaps are favored worldwide

LS Engine for Porsche 944 Swap using G Force Lift Plates

Due to its proven performance and reliability, the LS engine has been swapped into just about every high output GM vehicle made. Parts compatibility between platforms also contributes greatly to its continued popularity.

Since the LS Platform came out, it has taken over where the first-generation SBC left off. The LS engine out-performs the competition when it comes to cost-to-horsepower ratio.

These days swaps like the Porsche 944 detailed here are becoming more and more popular. However, BMW, Mazda, Lexus, and Toyota are all popular for LS engine swaps. One thing they all have in common, is like the 944, they are a cheap and reliable chassis which benefit greatly from the upgraded GM V8 power.

What contributed to the popularity of the Porsche 944 LS Swap?

The Porsche 944 made its debut in 1982 in Germany and was manufactured until 1991, when its superseder, the 968 was introduced. The 944 was a successful sports car with over 160,000 manufactured.

What makes the 944 unique?

Its balanced drivetrain is an unusual setup. In the Porsche 944 the engine is in the front and the transaxle is in the rear. A long torque tube replaces a driveshaft, and it helps transfer the power from the engine to the transaxle to the rear wheels. This setup is especially desirable for the autocross and track enthusiasts because it provided a more balanced drivetrain and excellent handling.

What improvements can be made to the Porsche 944?

Installing LS engine to Porsche 944

Although the Porsche 944 handles fantastically, it lacks power. The small four-cylinder engine has hardly enough horsepower to do a good burnout. In addition to the lack of power, the belt-driven timing setup is very unreliable and could be catastrophic if not properly maintained.

How to get more power and a better belt-driven timing setup

In 1997 the new generation of Chevy Corvette was released and similarly to the 944, it was equipped with a rear-mounted transaxle. It’s rumored that GM bought a Porsche 944 to study while designing their new Corvette.

The new 1997 Corvette came equipped with the legendary LS1 engine. It was an all-aluminum, pushrod style V8 and would become the engine most swapped into other vehicles. Performance enthusiasts prefer the LS1 because it is known for its reliable, strong block and components which are interchangeable with a handful of other “LS” style GM engines of various displacements offered in trucks, vans, and cars.

Because the LS engine is so great, and the 944 could use an upgrade in the powertrain, someone came up with the idea to transplant the LS V8 engine into the 944—essentially making a mini-Corvette. The Porsche 944 LS Swap was born. LS Engine swaps are common for a good reason—they’re proven to improve performance and there are plenty to go around. G Force developed a Porsche 944 swap kit to make the engine swap a breeze.

The G Force Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit includes all the special machined and fabricated components necessary for your engine conversion. With our components, an LS Swap for your 1982-1991 944/951 is straightforward.

Included in the G Force LS Swap 944 Kit

Porsche 944 LS Swap full exhaust

  • Bellhousing Adapter Plate and hardware
  • GM Throwout Bearing/Slave Cylinder
  • Remote Clutch Bleeder
  • Custom Oil Pan/Pickup (remote oil filter required, not included)
  • Correct Spline Clutch Disc
  • Motor Mounts and hardware
  • VSS Sensor Adapter
  • Front Crossmember/Subframe Spacers and bolts
  • 944 Power Steering Pump Bracket to mount stock 944 PS Pump on the low passenger side of LS engine.
  • Tee fitting for 944 Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Custom engineered 321 Stainless Steel Long Tube 1-7/8" Headers and full stainless exhaust system with Magnaflow Muffler and Tips.

It should be noted that this kit will require the use of a Corvette C5 Bellhousing and LS Style Flywheel and Pressure Plate. These parts are not included. However, an SFI Certified Flywheel (168110SSI-LS) is available from G Force.

You also may want to consider purchasing the LS Engine Flexplate and Flywheel Bolt Set (GF-LSFB-SET) and our LS and SBC Engine Lift Plate Set (GF-ELP) to make completing our project even easier.

How much does a Porsche 944 LS Swap cost?

A Porsche 944 is a very affordable sports car. Finding a Porsche 944 for sale is not difficult and one can be bought for less than $5,000 depending on the condition. Using the G Force Porsche 944 Engine Swap Kit, you can have a fast, reliable, unique sports car that handles great and mimics a Chevy Corvette for a reasonable price.

Why should you purchase our kit?

G Force Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit

The answer to this question is easy. We did the homework for you. If you look at the kit components, you will see we thought about everything you will need to make this swap happen. The bellhousing adapter, motor mounts, oil pan and headers are typically the most difficult parts to get or fabricate. G Force engineered and manufactured these parts for you and bundled them together. Although the fit of the LS in the 944 is tight, the installation is straightforward and relatively easy with our 1982-1991 Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit | GF-LS944-KIT.


Porsche 944 LS Swap Headers and Exhaust System

If you're looking for just the Porsche 944 LS Engine Swap Kit, G Force has that too. You can find the details for the stand-alone engine swap kit here.

The Porsche 944 LS Exhaust System with Long Tube Headers | GF-LS944-EXH is also sold separately.

G Force is a leader for engine swaps, transmissions adapters, Crossmembers, and suspension components for popular performance vehicles. If you’re planning to make you Porsche the next LS swapped 944, you can view our line of Porsche 944 LS Swap here. Our customer service crew is happy to assist you.

Questions about our Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit?

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