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LS mock up block also for LT, SBC, and Ford Godzilla

G Force Performance Products Introduces New Generation of Mock Up Blocks for Engine Fitment

G Force Performance Products, a leading supplier of aftermarket automotive parts, is pleased to announce the expansion of its product lineup with the introduction of four innovative and patent-pending Mock Up Blocks. Engineered in collaboration with Advanced Resources, LLC, these redesigned Mock Up Blocks offer enhanced functionality and precise fitment for the LS, LT, SBC, and Ford Godzilla 7.3L engines.

G Force new slot and tab LS Mock Up Blocks for LT, SBC, and Godzilla Engines

Constructed from high-strength steel, the Mock Up Blocks utilize a tab-and-slot system to ensure tight fitment tolerances, delivering matchless accuracy for various engine adjustments. The blocks are conveniently disassembled for easy shipping and storage, providing added convenience for customers.

The selection of these four engines was a deliberate choice by G Force, as they are popular among car enthusiasts for conversion and swap projects. Customers can now find these Mock Up Blocks on the official G Force Website Moreover, G Force plans to develop additional versions tailored for Hemi and Ford engines in the near future.




Jordan Sampson Project Engineer is excited about LS mock up block

Jordan Sampson, Project Engineer, expressed excitement about the new Mock Up Blocks, stating, "Our latest engine mock up blocks represent a valuable addition to our product line. Their tab-and-slot design makes them easy to assemble and conveniently store until needed. The unique construction maintains exceptional strength and rigidity, offering an impressive five-thousandths tolerance."

Sampson further explained the advantages of the high-strength steel composition, stating, "Our mock up blocks hold up under multiple adjustments to accessories and bolt-ons while effortlessly supporting the weight of these components. Additionally, these blocks withstand the heat generated during welding, which is often challenging when using the current foam-based designs."

Although assembly is very straightforward, to ensure a seamless customer experience, an instructional video is available on the Crossmembers website and their YouTube Channel. It provides simple tips for putting a mock up block together in just a few minutes.

G Force Performance Products continues demonstrating its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by introducing these next-generation Mock Up Blocks. With their unrivaled precision and durability, these blocks are set to transform the engine fitment process, making it easier and safer for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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About G Force Performance Products: G Force Performance Products is a leading supplier of aftermarket automotive parts, specializing in high-quality components for engine conversions and performance upgrades. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, G Force delivers exceptional products that meet the demands of car enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

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