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porsche ls swap kit

G Force Performance Products Launched Their First Full Engine Porsche LS Swap Kit

Popular Porsche LS Swap Kit Gives Porsche 944 More Power and Better Performance for Autocross, Road Racing, Circle Track, and Drag.

Akron, Ohio, June 23, 2022 – G Force Performance Products, a leading automotive performance parts supplier, expanded their engine adapter kits to include a full conversion kit designed to transform a Porsche 944 to an LS Engine. G Force engineered each part to eliminate the need for do-it-yourselfers to self-fabricate the trickiest components.

For performance enthusiasts, engine swaps have been popular for decades. In recent years, one of GM’s best-selling engines, the LS, has overtaken the market to become the most swapped engine all over the world. Because of its proven reliability and performance characteristics, the LS engine has been used for engine conversions in almost every high-output GM vehicle. It invariably outperforms the competition when considering cost-to-horsepower.

Today the Porsche 944 LS swap is becoming increasingly popular. However, Lexus, BMW, Toyota, and Mazda have their place in the LS conversion arena. Each of these brands has inexpensive and reliable chassis’ which greatly benefit from the improved power from the upgrade to a GM V8 for performance uses like Autocross, Road Racing, Circle Track, and Drag. Nevertheless, the Porsche 944 has taken its place as a favorite LS swap.


New G Force Porsche LS Swap Kit

The new Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit | GF-LS944-KIT from G Force includes—

  • Bellhousing Adapter Plate and hardware
  • GM Throwout Bearing/Slave Cylinder
  • Remote Clutch Bleeder
  • Custom Oil Pan/Pickup (remote oil filter required, not included)
  • Correct Spline Clutch Disc
  • Motor Mounts and hardware
  • VSS Sensor Adapter
  • Front Crossmember/Subframe Spacers and bolts
  • 944 Power Steering Pump Bracket to mount stock 944 PS Pump on the low passenger side of LS engine.
  • Tee fitting for 944 Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Custom engineered 321 Stainless Steel Long Tube 1-7/8" Headers and full stainless exhaust system with Magnaflow Muffler and Tips.
Jordan Sampson Project Engineer G Force Performance Products

Jordan Sampson, G Force Project Engineer, noted, “This kit also requires the use of a Corvette C5 Bellhousing and LS Style Flywheel and Pressure Plate. Our kit does not include these parts. However, an SFI Certified Flywheel (168110SSI-LS) is available from G Force.”

Sampson continued, "G Force has been working on expanding our engine swap kits to include more of the parts critical to completing a swap project without the difficulty of individually fabricating parts for over a year. Here at G Force, we're performance car enthusiasts who understand what DIYers need—especially when it comes to easier installation. It's always our intention as we design and test new products, and it's why we take the time we need to get it right. We're extremely pleased with the Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit and happy to simplify the project for our customers."

G Force also introduced several new transmission adapter kits this quarter. These included the much anticipated Honda K20/K24 Engine to Z32 300zx 5 Speed Transmission Adapter Kit | GF-K20Z32-S, the first K-Series adapter developed at G Force. The K20 is popularly known as the "LS" of the 4-cylinder engine. The K20/K24 kit includes a custom steel flywheel, 3/8" steel powder coated adapter plate, custom pilot bushing, starter hole block-off, and hardware.

G Force already has a line of Nissan 300zx and 350Z adapter kits and components for the LS engine. Now, Z32 and Z33 adapter kits for the LT engine are available. The Z32 5-Speed Transmission Adapter w/Flywheel for Gen V LT Engines | GF-LTZ32-S is for mating the Nissan 300zx (Z32) 5-speed transmission to a Gen V GM LT V8 engine. The adapter kit fits any 2014-Present Gen V LT GM 5.3 or 6.2-liter engine.

While the Z33 6 Speed Transmission-CD009 LT Engine Adapter and Flywheel | GF-LTZ33-S allows the mating of a Nissan 350Z (Z33) 6-Speed transmission to a Gen V LT engine. The Kit includes a custom steel flywheel, 3/8" steel powder coated adapter plate, pilot bushing adapter, hi-torque starter adapter, and hardware.

Another recent addition to the G Force product lineup is the 2010-2015 TR6060 Retrofit Transmission Mount Adapter | GF-6060-FA  for GM TR6060 transmissions from 2010-2015. This adapter allows the use of a standard two-bolt GM Transmission mount (GMTMGMTM-S, or GMATM) on TR6060 transmission. 

Plus, G Force recently launched the newest addition to their line of torque converters. The 4L80E Low Stall, Triple Clutch, Billet Torque Converter | GF-80B31200. This triple Clutch Torque Converter gains the performance desired from a High-Performance Cummins swap and the equally performance-built GM 4L80E transmission. Our low stall converter has lock-up and the strength to hold up to the performance a Cummins diesel engine dishes out. 

The newest G Force parts are available online individually and as part of their New Product Collection.

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