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Z33 6 Speed Transmission-CD009 LT Engine Adapter & Flywheel | GF-LTZ33-S


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  • This Z33 350z LT swap adapter kit allows you to mate a Nissan 350Z (Z33) 6 speed transmission, AKA CD00x, or CD009, to a Gen V LT engine.
  • These transmissions were available from 2003-2006 in Nissan 350Zs.
  • The kit includes a custom steel flywheel, 3/8" steel powder coated adapter plate, pilot bushing adapter, hi-torque starter adapter (Use your existing hi-torque mini starter, or purchase separate.) and hardware.
  • The flywheel can be used with any OEM or aftermarket 350Z clutch assembly.
  • It is a direct bolt-on flywheel made for billet steel and weighs 30 lbs.
  • The kit uses a stock 350Z pilot bushing with a machined steel adapter (both included)
  • This kit requires no Z33 transmission modifications, with the exception of some heavy wall bellhousings which may require a slight clearance trim for the flywheel ring gear. The trim involves polishing away 0.06" over an area not much larger than a postage stamp.)
  • The LT block requires the removal of a small casting boss to provide clearance for your high torque starter. This is a simple modification with a hand grinder. Detailed instructions provided with your purchase.
  • Use standard GM specs when tightening to the LT crank, block, etc. Use Nissan specs when tightening the pressure plate, etc.
  • To streamline your install, the following bolt kits are sold separately-

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Performance Engineered from Start to Finish


G Force flywheels are CNC machined from billet steel or aluminum and won't crack from high heat cycles. Get more performance than from traditional cast iron flywheels.

Easy Installation.
It’s Foolproof!

We engineer bold solutions that make installation easier without sacrificing quality. Get more support from G Force. 


Some conversion kits use a significantly lighter aluminum flywheel. After a little research, you'll discover our 30 lb. steel wheel is the best option for 90% of all builds.

The 350z Z33 transmission internals are well designed for strength and smooth shifting.

This kit gives you the tools you need to connect an LT Gen V engine to a Nissan 350zx Z33 transmission, so you can reliably increase the power of your vehicle while utilizing a 6 speed manual transmission.

The CD009 transmission is a reliable 6 speed manual you can trust to swap behind your LT engine.


Models and Engine

LT Gen V


Weight: 42 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 21 X 18 X 5 In

Mounting Hardware: Included

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