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Engineered for Easy Installation

Making Challenging Automotive Projects Easier

Custom automotive swaps, builds, and restoration projects always have their challenges. After all, replacing parts or rebuilding a car is a complicated process. At G Force, we’re car enthusiasts, which means that we want top-quality parts and easy installation when working on our projects. We know you want that as well.

That’s why G Force engineers design our parts with ease-of-installation in mind. From our first patented Crossmember to the newest addition to our product line, we want getting our parts properly installed to be as straightforward as possible. Whenever we can, we use bolt-in components and include adjustable mounting mechanisms that provide the movement you need for optimal positioning without cutting, drilling, or welding. Plus, where applicable, we build our parts with angled mounting plates that ensure proper alignment with no extra effort from you.

Furthermore, we design as much flexibility into our parts as possible. For example, the patented double-hump design of our Crossmembers fits all diameter sizes of headers and exhaust pipes, including the larger pipes popular with car enthusiasts. Or consider the flexibility of our Adjustable Transmission Mounts. Their unique design allows you to move the transmission forward up to 2” with over 2.5” of offset—allowing for infinite adjustment for the perfect alignment every time.

We work on cars as well as engineer parts for them, we’ve come up with many products designed to make your life easier. For instance, we developed our Lift Plates due to the tight clearance between the cylinder heads and bellhousing surface on GM LS engines. Instead, ours bolt to the exhaust port surface, giving you ample room to install the plates. It is a simple but significant change that removes one more complication from your already time-consuming swap. Spacer plates, engine stands, shims, A/C delete cover plates, and drip trays are just a few of the products we developed to streamline your projects.

Once you replace a part, you expect it to last, and we do too. That’s why we use billet steel and high-quality aluminum for the strength and durability each provides. When appropriate, we finish our parts with a black powder coat for its resistance to scrapes, scratches, chipping, and rust. Also, our high-strength builds use robotic welds that can withstand even the most severe motorsport conditions. Additionally, for products like transmission mounts, we use polyurethane to absorb vibrations, giving you smoother performance and extending the life of your parts.

Last but not least, we offer you 5-Star Customer Service. Our knowledgeable crew is ready to assist you with your buying decision. We can help you make sure you’re getting the right part for your automotive project. And although it’s impossible to know everything about the complexities of every project our customers take on, our team is happy to assist in any way we can. Get more support from G Force Performance Products.

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