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CD009 Transmission | A Great Choice for LS Conversions

CD009 Transmission | A Great Choice for LS Conversions

Why a CD009 transmission

Sometimes the choice of transmission used in an engine swap isn’t given the consideration it deserves. However, your satisfaction with the results hinges on the transmission you choose. The success of your LS conversion depends on it. That is why a CD009 is worth considering.

Commonly, a T-56 transmission is the first choice for a high horsepower LS swap. It has a good reputation for performance and reliability. Still, it can be expensive. The average cost of a new LS T-56 is $2,500. Because they are increasingly scarce, rising prices for the T-56 and other 6-speed transmissions leave enthusiasts searching for less costly options. The CD009 is an excellent possibility.

 CD009 the best budget-conscious transmission

The CD009 is an affordable 6-speed option that works. Because these transmissions are plentiful, they are less expensive than the more well-known alternatives. Costing about $1,700 brand new, the Nissan CD009 is found in the ’05-’06 350z and g35. Used, it sells for around half that price, which makes it the perfect solution for those on a budget. A quick search reveals there are many sites where you can find a CD009 transmission for sale.

Initially intended for a select group of cars, the CD009 transmission found a growing community of fans among car enthusiasts. Its popularity created enough demand that the automotive aftermarket took notice. Subsequently, third-party manufacturers designed quite a few parts to simplify the installation of the CD009.

CD009 Adapter and Adapter Kits from G Force

LS Conversions GF-LSZ33-S Z33 6 Speed Transmission-CD009 LS engine adapter, flywheel and mounting hardware
The "bolt-on" adapter plate offered by G Force easily mates the Nissan CD009 to LS and Vortec motors popular in GM conversions. The adapter plate is uniquely designed to require very little transmission modification. A minor clearance trim on the inside of the bellhousing ring gear is all that is needed. Trimming means polishing off 0.06" from an area the size of a postage stamp. The G Force adapter kit includes:
  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • 3/8 Steel Adapter Plate with a Powder Coated Finish
  • Pilot Bushing and Adapter
  • Hi-Torque Starter Adapter (Standard Hi-Torque Mini Starter for SBC engine is used and not included.)
  • Mounting Hardware

Further details regarding the LS to CD009 Adapter Kits are available on the LS Swap Kit page.

Additionally, the market also has a wide variety of adapter plates available for many makes, including Toyota, Honda, Ford, and others. It is very likely an adapter plate exists to make this transmission work for you. G Force has adapter plates for LS Swaps

Will it hold power?

The fundamental question is, will it hold the power of my motor swap? The CD009 is popular in the swapping community because it consistently holds high horsepower. Unofficially, this transmission has more than enough strength for the average motor swap. Tested and proven reliable in cars with over 1000 whp, it goes far beyond most drivers' requirements. Therefore, those looking for an alternative 6-speed for their LS swap should look no further.

It is important to note that this transmission is not confused with the earlier generation found in the 2003-2004 350z. Previous versions were known to grind between gears. However, in mid-year 2004, Nissan updated the transmission. The upgrade to stronger triple cone synchronizers in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears eliminated that problem. Now, even when compared to the T-56 Magnum, the CD009 is an incredible transmission for the price.

What about gearing?

sideview illustration CD009 transmission gears

Gearing plays an essential role in how your vehicle performs. Although long gear ratios accelerate more slowly, they provide less shifting time and higher top-end speeds. Conversely, shorter gear ratios require that you shift more often but help you accelerate faster. When considering the information on the CD009 Gear Ratio table below, remember that the lower the number, the longer the gear ratio—translation: slow acceleration but better fuel economy.

When comparing a CD009 to a T-56, the results show much longer gears for the T-56. Therefore, for acceleration and performance both on and off the track, the better choice is the Nissan CD009. The exception is drag racing, where longer gear ratios reduce shifting time. The T-56 performs better in that situation.

CD009 Gear Ratio Comparison

Why choose a CD009?

People choose this transmission for reasons as varied as the enthusiasts themselves. However, some of the most popular stand out.
  • Widely available
  • Affordable
  • Shifts smoothly
  • Proven reliable
  • Holds high power
  • Large parts aftermarket

Although an underdog in the swap community, it is a solid option. Find out more about LS Conversions, and our adapter kits for your LS swap. 


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