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LS swaps | what is an LS swap

LS Swaps | G Force

LS Swaps with G Force Performance Products

LS swaps consist of swapping and installing an engine into an existing vehicle. The LS is GM's primary V8 engine and has seen continuous application in Chevy Corvette engines since 1997. Consequently, it is an incredibly popular choice for aftermarket engine conversions or "LS Swaps."

How much do custom engine swaps cost?

When you are custom swapping engines, the cost depends entirely on the availability of materials, the vehicles involved and the necessary labor for performing the conversion. Prices vary greatly, ranging from anywhere as low as $1,500 to higher than $12,000.

Can I swap any engine into any car?

It is possible to swap engines of different makes to nearly any car model. However, the cost is a crucial factor in that decision. You can avoid wasting time and money on an LS swap by consulting with a reliable engineer before servicing the vehicle. Depending on your budget and the desired performance of your vehicle, an experienced professional can help you identify which engine best suits your project.

LS Swaps with G Force Performance Products

G Force Performance Products is a top manufacturer of automotive components and accessories. Moreover, we are a top supplier of kits for LS swaps. With our products, you can easily upgrade from stock parts and swap components out of your vehicle. We also have adjustable transmission mount replacements, bellhousing adapters, flywheels, exhaust parts, crossmembers and more!

If you are interested in LS swaps, check out the following products:

G Force Adjustable Transmission Mount Replacement

Adjustable Transmission Mount for LS Swap

We have designed our Adjustable Transmission Mount for unmatched stability. It allows for an offset of 1 to 2.5 inches, so it is ideal for LS swap projects that require moving the transmission from its stock location. Also, the simple, bolt-in design keeps misalignment from occurring. Not to mention, aligning your transmission with your drivetrain is quick and easy.

Our adjustable transmission mount is designed with durable mounting hardware and polyurethane bushing. Furthermore, the mount replacement fits most GM RWD transmissions (manual or automatic). In addition, you can adjust the mount prior to securing the slide bolt, and with an install height of 1.75 inches, accurately placing your assembly is a breeze.

NOTE: Double check your current transmission mount's dimensions, so you can confirm it matches before you purchase a replacement.

Z32 Conversion Kit: Nissan 300z V8 LS Swaps Kit

z32 transmission adapter swap kit for LS swap

You can connect a Nissan 300Zx, 5-speed transmission to an LS engine with our Z32 Kit: Nissan 300z V8 LS Swap Kit. Notably, these kits will give you the ability to run a manual transmission with a powerful LS engine. Z32 transmissions can handle 700 horsepower with ease. Also, they are reliable and easy to find. As a matter of fact, you can acquire a Z32 from classified ads and salvage yard for around $300.

Our Z32 Kit: Nissan 300z V8 LS Swap Kit fits naturally-aspirated 300zx transmissions with twin turbo or naturally-aspirated plate/clutch setups from 1990 to 1996 exclusively. This LS Conversion/Swap Kit includes:

  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • 3/8 Steel Powder Coated Adapter Plate
  • Pilot Bushing Adapter
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional Details:

  • Includes stock 300zx pilot bushing and steel adapter.
  • 300zx starter on side of transmission.
  • Incompatible with twin-turbo Z32 transmissions.
    • The twin-turbo Z32 has a much larger bellhousing, so the starter is farther from the flywheel ring gear. As a result, the starter will not engage with the flywheel.
  • 300zx pressure plate/clutch and throw-out bearing.
    • Compatible with naturally-aspirated or twin-turbo pressure plate/clutch discs.

Contact G Force Performance Products today to learn more about our LS swap kits as well as our other automotive components and accessories.

Z33 Conversion Kit: Nissan 350z V8 LS Swaps Kit

z33 transmission adapter swap kit for the best LS swapsOur Z33 Kit: Nissan 350z V8 LS Swap Kit will connect a Nissan 350Z 6-Speed Transmission to a Gen III or IV LS Series Chevy Small Block Engine. Looking to buy a transmission that can handle the power of an LS engine without breaking the bank?
This is the perfect conversion kit for you. In addition, these transmissions are reliable and easy to acquire.


The Z33 Kit: Nissan 350z V8 LS Swap Kit works with transmissions available in Nissan 350Zs from 2003 to 2008. For example, this LS Swap Kit includes:

  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • 3/8 Steel Adapter Plate with a Powder Coated Finish
  • Pilot Bushing and Adapter
  • Hi-Torque Starter Adapter
    • (Use your current Hi-Torque Mini Starter or purchase one separately.)
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional Details:

  • Billet steel flywheel kit of about 30 lbs.
  • Direct bolt-on flywheel: No required adapters or spacer bushings.
    • (Some conversion kits use lighter aluminum flywheels, but 30-pound steel wheels are ideal for 90% of all builds.)
  • Flywheel works with any OEM or aftermarket 350Z clutch assembly.
  • Stock 350Z pilot bushing with a machined steel adapter included.
  • No transmission modifications required.
    • Some heavy wall bell-housings may need a clearance trim for the flywheel ring gear. Polish away .06 inches over a small area about the size of a stamp.
  • LS blocks require the removal of a small casting boss for clearance for your high-torque starter.
    • Small modification with a hand grinder. Instructions included.

More technical information about our products and LS Swaps from the GForce Team...

LS swaps are complicated ventures. Therefore, we have to consider these swaps for what they are. Each swap is taking a modern engineering marvel designed for a specific purpose, and engineering a solution to use the product in a place for which it is not intended. As a result, every single component that make the motor work must be modified for a new platform.

In short, LS swaps are different for each application. Asking someone to pinpoint the stumbling blocks for all LS swaps is like asking a construction manager what the stumbling blocks of an addition to a house might be—the issues are case-specific.

With that being said, if there is a specific platform we are looking to develop an LS swap for, please let us know.

Components needed in any LS swap:

  1. Motor Mounts
  2. Transmission Cross Members
  3. Driveshaft
  4. Shifter linkage modification
  5. Throttle cable modification (or in the case of drive by wire, electronic throttle pedal adaptor and CAN BUS electronic adaptor)
  6. Oil Pan
  7. Front end accessories
    1. This includes: water pump, alternator, AC compressor, tensioners, belts and associated mounting brackets and shims
  8. Wiring Harness
  9. ECU
  10. Exhaust
  11. Intake
  12. Cooling Components
    1. Cooling hoses, fans, radiator,
  13. Fuel Components
    1. Fuel lines, pump, fittings, fuel return lines, fuel rail
  14. Oil filter relocation
  15. Clutch Lines

This list of components brings us to where our products fall in line with solving the complex problem that is an LS conversion. For traditional style LS swaps, we offer transmission crossmembers and some motor mounts for specific swaps. The adapter plates that we offer solve very specific problems for customers. IE, customers who want to swap a particular transmission and motor into any platform.

Although these kits might allow customers to choose different transmission and motor combinations, it does not solve a customer's desire to swap these specific motor and transmission combinations into specific platforms or cars. Paring these adapter plates with transmission crossmembers or motor mounts would allow them to be considered “LS swap kits” as oppose to “LS Swap components.”

Parts with a Purpose

Customers choose G Force components for swapping their motors or transmissions because they simplify installation and save time. Road and track tested, our products provide quality, strength, and reliability at a very competitive price. 

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