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More Straightforward Transmission Swaps with Adapter Plates

Professionally engineered adapter plates simplify any conversion project 

For simplifying the process of a transmission swap, adapter plates are advantageous for ensuring successful conversions. While every component is important in a swap project, the adapter plate cannot be discounted. When an engine and transmission combination is not readily available from the factory, an aftermarket adapter plate bridges the connection.

Z32 Adapter Plates | A black powder coat finish

The most common adapter plates cater to LS swaps, enabling the versatile and popular LS motor to work seamlessly with a wide range of transmission options in almost any vehicle. However, adapter plates can facilitate compatibility between nearly any engine and transmission combination, offering endless possibilities for car enthusiasts.

Opting for professionally designed and manufactured adapter plates, instead of constructing them yourself, streamlines the process, saves time, and ensures more reliable results. They eliminate the guesswork involved in a complex and sometimes time-consuming fabrication.

While adapter plates can be purchased individually, they are often part of adapter kits. These kits include various components such as flywheels, mounting hardware, motor mounts, crossmembers, and more, to provide a more complete solution for conversion projects.


Z32, Z33, Frontier to LS Adapter Kits with adapter plates


Reduce Costs in Your Next Build

Typically, swapping an engine from a specific manufacturer requires a transmission from the same manufacturer, which can be expensive. For instance, if a 2JZ or LS swap requires a V-160, R-154, or T-56 Magnum transmission, the cost can easily surpass that of the motor itself. However, using an adapter plate, like those offered by G Force Performance Products, opens up more affordable transmission options. This is particularly beneficial for budget-conscious mechanics or do-it-yourselfers. Additionally, the "bolt-on" design of G Force adapter plates saves valuable time. To learn more about how adapter plates can save you money, check out CD009 - A Rock Solid Manual Transmission Alternative For LS & LT Engines.

Currently, G Force provides adapter plates and kits for Cummins, LS, LT, SBC, and Honda K Series motors, accommodating a variety of transmission options.

LS to Z32 and Z33 Adapter Kits

The LS to Z32 or Z33 adapter kits have gained significant popularity, particularly for 300zx or 350z LS swaps. However, customers have successfully completed numerous other builds for Mazda, BMW, and even Lexus platforms. If you're curious about the appeal of Z32 and Z33 transmissions, view our

LS to Z32 Adapter Kit | Adapter plates

The Z32 LS Conversion Adapter Kit includes:

  • 3/8" Steel Powder Coated Adapter Plate
  • Pilot Bushing Adapter
  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional details about the kit:

  • Includes stock 300zx pilot bushing and machined steel adapter.
  • Features a side-mounted 300zx starter.
  • Compatible with 300zx pressure plate/clutch and throw-out bearing, whether naturally aspirated or twin-turbo versions.
  • Incompatible with twin-turbo Z32 transmissions due to their larger bellhousing, which positions the starter farther from the flywheel ring gear, resulting in improper engagement.
Z33 6 Speed Transmission-CD009 LS Engine Adapter plates & Flywheel

The Z33 LS Conversion Adapter Kit includes:

  • 3/8" Steel Powder Coated Adapter Plate with a powder-coated finish

  • Hi-torque Starter Adapter

  • Compatible with current Hi-Torque Mini Starter or can be purchased separately

  • Custom Steel Flywheel

  • Pilot Bushing Adapter

  • Mounting Hardware

Additional details about the kit:

  • Features a bolt-on flywheel without the need for adapters or spacer bushings.

  • The flywheel is a billet steel kit weighing approximately 30 lbs, preferred for 90% of all available builds, unlike lighter aluminum flywheels used in some conversion kits.

  • Compatible with any OEM or aftermarket 350Z clutch assembly.

  • No modifications required for the transmission.

  • Some heavy wall bellhousings may require minor clearance trimming for the flywheel ring gear, typically removing approximately 0.06 inches over a small area.

  • Includes stock 350Z pilot bushing with a machined steel adapter. Modifying the LS block by removing a small casting boss is necessary to create clearance for the high-torque starter, a minor modification that can be accomplished with a hand grinder. Instructions are provided with the purchase.

LS to Frontier Adapter Kit

LS to Frontier Adapter Kit with adapter plate

The LS swap adapter kit for a Frontier/Xterra allows you to mate a Nissan Frontier or Xterra 6 speed manual transmission to an LS Series (i.e.; 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, and 6.2 liter gen III or IV Vortec engines). These transmissions were available from 2005-2015 in the Nissan Frontier and  Xterra with V6 VQ40DE engines.

The kit includes—

  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • 3/8" Steel Powder Coated Adapter Plate
  • Pilot Bushing Adapter
  • Throwout Bearing Spacer
  • Mounting Hardware

The direct bolt-on flywheel is made from billet steel and is a single-mass flywheel and can be used with any OEM or aftermarket Frontier/Xterra clutch assembly. The flywheel weighs about 30 lbs. G Force sells a GF-LSFB-SET flywheel to crank bolt kit to streamline the install.

These transmissions are a great alternative to the T56!

Our LT, SBC, or K Series version of the G Force Adapter Kits

Keep in mind that even with Conversion Adapter Kit such as those shown above, LS, LT, or SBC conversions vary for each application and are a demanding process. Modifications may be necessary for every component that contributes to the motor's operation in the new platform. However, professionally engineered components help simplify at least some aspects of the conversion and are well worth your consideration.

G Force also provides swap and conversion kits for Cummins, Porsche 944, Mustang to SBC or LS, and more.

Questions about adapter plates or swap kits?

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