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G Force Performance Adds Products for the Do-It-Yourselfer

New additions to website—Brake Press Attachments, Precision Vises, and Mustang Control Arms


Press Brake Attachments, and Precision Vises

G Force Performance Products, a provider of top-tier aftermarket automotive components, is excited to unveil an expansion of its tools and accessories range of products. The company recently introduced additions, including 12" and 6" press brake attachments and a series of precision vises, all tailored to facilitate seamless custom installations for DIYers, welders, and fabricators.

The 12" press brake attachment, compatible with most hydraulic shop presses, can bend angles of up to 90 degrees using steel with a thickness of up to 3/8". Similarly, the 6" vise version boasts the capacity to bend angles up to 90 degrees, catering to lighter-weight metals up to 14-gauge.


G Force has also unveiled the addition of four meticulously crafted precision vises, comprising a 4" and 6" milling vise, as well as a 4" and 6" double locking vise. These additions seamlessly complement G Force's Tools and Accessories lineup.


Ford Mustang enthusiasts will be delighted by the introduction of Adjustable Upper and Lower Control Arms designed for the 2005-2014 S197 models. Distinguished by their double adjustable "johnny joint" rod ends, these control arms facilitate pinion angle adjustments post-installation. These newly engineered designs enhance performance and are stronger than the less robust OEM parts.


Jordan Sampson Project Engineer G Force Performance Products

Jordan Sampson, Project Engineer, expressed enthusiasm over the newest parts and products G Force has added to their eCommerce site. "Everyone on our team enjoys working on cars and trucks to make them perform and handle better. We understand the fun and frustration of that process, which is why we work hard to bring products and parts to our customers that help them complete their projects easier and faster. We think the precision vises and press brake attachments are an example of that and are handy tools in any garage."


He continued, "Adding a couple more parts for Mustang fans is also great. Because they can be adjusted in place, our double-adjustable control arms make it easier to get that critical pinion angle right. Watch for more parts from G Force that are as much about easy installation and fitment as performance."


For more information, please visit G Force Performance Products' official website at


About G Force Performance Products: G Force Performance Products is a leading supplier of aftermarket automotive parts, specializing in high-quality components for engine conversions and performance upgrades. With a commitment to customer satisfaction as well as innovation, G Force delivers exceptional products that meet the demands of car professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. For more information, visit


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