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Mock Up Block Assembly Instructions

Watch How to Assemble Our Patent Pending Mock Up Blocks

Welcome Back.

I’m Jordan from G Force Performance and today we’re going to go over the assembly process of our patent pending Mock Up Block Fixtures.

So, these things are kind of cool because they come shipped in a small, what I like to call pizza box and then you assemble these at home and they become a very rigid, accurate fixture for placement of various engine components.

I want to go over a couple of features of these. What’s nice is that each of these cross-pieces have a relief in them, a bend relief, that creates a very rigid structure once it’s all assembled. Another thing to note is that these tabs get inserted into each slot—there’s only about a five thousandth tolerance. So, you’re not going to lose any sort of accuracy by assembling this thing, like you would in a bolt together version.

Assembly is pretty easy. Each one of these plates—your front plate will have letters on it and then each one of the individual cross plates will have a corresponding letter and you just match the letters up and insert everything into the slots.

I’m going to go over that procedure here and show you how it’s done.

Once you have all of the cross-pieces assembled into the front plate we’re now going to place the back plate on to each one of these. It is doable with one person and that’s what I’m going to try to do today. But sometimes it helps to have a helping partner.

Once we have the front and back plate assembled with all the side plates, we’re going to make sure that all of the tabs are fully inserted into the slots. So, I like to take a brass hammer to give it a couple of whacks. So once these are all perfectly assembled, we’re going to take a crescent wrench and bend over each one of those or at least start to bend over each one. And what that’s going to do is pull each plate down tight. Once all these are started to be bent over, we’re going to take our brass hammer and hammer them the rest of the way.

Now that we have all of these hammered down, these plates are fully fixed onto this back plate. So now we have to go, and we have to turn this thing around and do the same for the front plate.

Now that the front and back plates are fully attached to the side plates. So now we’re going to flip this over so I can put the oil pan plate on.

And there you have it—a fully assembled LS Mock Up Block.

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Thanks for watching.

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