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G Force Dealer Newsletter

G Force Dealer Newsletter | September 2022

Dear Dealer-
G Force has had another productive quarter! We’ve launched nine new products over the past few months. These new parts include packaging our Porsche 944 to LS Engine Swap Kit into bundles to fit the needs of potential customers better. Plus, we added components for making the transition to a Ford Godzilla 7.3L Engine happen more smoothly and parts for a K Series conversion and more. Whatever the task, G Force is always looking to make engine swaps easier and more efficient for your customers.
As you may remember, we introduced the Complete Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit | GF-LS944-KIT last quarter. This kit makes it more straightforward than ever to complete the popular LS engine swap in a Porsche 944.
Porsche 944 LS Engine Swap Kit - complete
Now we’re offering two separate bundles from this same kit. The Porsche 944 LS Engine Swap Kit | GF-LS944-SWAPKIT includes the components your customers need to swap an LS engine into a 1982-1991 Porsche 944, 944 S, 944 Turbo, or 951:
  • Bellhousing Adapter Plate and Hardware
  • Front Crossmember/Subframe Spacers and bolts
  • GM Throwout Bearing/Slave Cylinder
  • Remote Clutch Bleeder
  • Motor Mounts and Hardware
  • Tee fitting for 944 Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Correct Spline Clutch Disc
  • Custom Oil Pan/Pickup (remote oil filter required, not included)
  • VSS Sensor Adapter
  • 944 Power Steering Pump Bracket to mount a stock 944 PS Pump on the low passenger side of LS engine.
Exhaust system and headers for Porsche 944 swap

The Porsche 944 LS Exhaust System with Long Tube Headers | GF-LS944-EXH bundles the exhaust system with MagnaFlow Muffler and Tips and premium 321 Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers together.
Combined, these two bundles make up the complete swap kit. Learn more about the Complete Porsche 944 LS Swap Kit, Bundles, and other parts in the 944 LS Swap Collection on the G Force website.


BMW Hydroboost for Porsche 944 swap

In addition to the Porsche 944 conversion kits, G Force developed and introduced the Porsche 944 BMW HydroBoost Adapter | GF-PBP1. This adapter fits the same years and models as the engine swap kit and replaced the stock “cereal bowl” with this billet aluminum adapter, allowing a BMW-style HydroBoost to bolt to the firewall.


Lift Plate for 2020+ Ford Godzilla 7.3L Engine

This quarter, we also have an addition to our Godzilla line of products, the 2020+ Ford Godzilla 7.3L Engine Lift Plate | GF-FGLP. Like our other lift plates, this part is engineered to make removing and replacing engines easier and safer. Specially designed for the Ford Godzilla 7.3L the G Force lift plate covers intake ports to protect the engine from debris and to provide multiple lifting locations. Our Godzilla Engine Lift Plates are a must when working on these large engines. It comes in handy when installing the S197 Ford Mustang Godzilla 7.3L Engine Swap Mounts | GF-MGM-MM, which will be available soon and described at the end of this newsletter. Watch for details on Facebook and Instagram @GForcePerformance about this and other new parts from G Force.

Rear Engine Mount for 2016 and newer Honda Civic

Also for the Honda is the 2016+ Honda Civic Billet Rear Engine Mount | GF-MM-HC. This custom-engineered polyurethane mount insert fits a 2006 or newer Honda Civic and is custom engineered to improve dampening properties while increasing traction and decreasing wheel hop.


99-05 Gen II LS Powertrain control Module mounting bracket

The new Gen III LS PCM/ECU/ECM Mount | GF-LSECUBKT mounting brackets for a 1999-2005 Gen III LS Powertrain Control Module from G Force are made from stainless steel. The PCM is also known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Engine Control Module (ECM).


5-bolt Quick Release Steering Wheel disconnect shown in black also comes in red

Our new 5 Bolt Quick Release Steering wheel disconnects | GF-SWD-5 has a pull-to-release mechanism and comes in either red or black. It is a pinless-type steering wheel quick-release disconnect that is keyed to fit together one way. We manufactured it from anodized aluminum and included installation hardware.


Camaro, SS, and G8 rear toe rods double adjustable with johnny joints

Out this quarter is our Camaro, SS, G8 Adjustable Rear Toe Rods | GF-CTR-A. These heavy-duty toe rods are double adjustable with Johnny Joint rod ends to reduce flex. This part fits a 2010-2015 Camaro, a 2014-2017 SS, and a 2008-2009 G8.


Weld-on Universal Motor Mounts fo RWD K Series

We’ve brought you another great product in our Honda K Series lineup—the K Series RWD Universal Weld-On Motor Mounts | GF-K20MM. This universal weld-on motor mount has extra long tabs and frame pads that can be cut to size for a RWD swap. These motor mounts include polyurethane bushings.

This universal motor mount works well with our Honda K-Series Engine to Nissan Z32 300ZX 5 Speed Transmission Adapter Kit | GF-K20Z32-S which became available last quarter. This engine to transmission adapter kit allows you to mate a

Nissan 300zx 5-speed transmission to a Honda K20 or K24 4-cylinder engine. It includes a custom steel flywheel, 3/8" steel powder coated adapter plate, custom pilot bushing, starter hole block-off, and hardware. Installers can reuse or buy new K-Series Flywheel bolts. The following hardware from G Force streamlines the installation and is sold separately— GF-Z32PPB-KIT and GF-LSZ32-D).

If you’re interested in more information about our Honda K Series line, we’ve written an informative blog. View it here.

Finally, we’re introducing two new adapter kits for a Mustang to Chevy LS Swap. These kits are for hot rodders that want the power and reliability of an LS engine but prefer the Mustang chassis.

Both Kits combine our popular Mustang to Chevy SBC engine adapter, LS adapter, and motor mounts into one bundle bringing the main parts you need together. What differentiates these kits is the model years they are designed to fit.

84-95 Ford Mustand to Chevy LS Motor Mount Adapter Kits
1984-1995 Mustang to Chevy LS Motor Mount Adapter Kit | GF-CM-LSKIT
1996-2004 Mustang to Chevy LS Motor Mount Adapter Kit | GF-CML-LSKIT


Coming Soon

G Force S197 Ford Mustang Godzilla 7.3L Engine Swap Mounts

G Force S197 Ford Mustang Godzilla 7.3L Engine Swap Mounts are engineered to transplant a 2020 and newer 7.3L Godzilla engine into a 2005-2014 Mustang. These mounts are laser cut and welded from 1/4" steel and completed with a red powder coat finish.

Our 2005-2014 Mustang LS Swap Motor Mounts uses stock or aftermarket K member pad isolators. These motor mounts are made from 1/4" high strength structural steel and have a durable powder coat finish.

Please live chat with us or call 330-753-5300 for pricing and to place your order.

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