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Transmission Adapter Plate Makes Swapping Easier

What is a Transmission Adapter Plate?

A transmission adapter plate is a vital component for connecting different motor and transmission options. In applications where a specific motor and transmission combination is desired but not offered from the factory, a transmission adapter allows the motor and transmission to work together. Whether you’re doing a manual transmission swap, automatic transmission swap, or motor swap, an adapter plate will take the guesswork out of this complicated procedure.

LS transmission adapters are perhaps the most common adapter plates on the market. They allow the versatile LS motor to work in almost any car thanks to a variety of transmission options. Although LS adapter plates are perhaps the most common, any motor and transmission combination may utilize an adapter plate. These parts unlock endless transmission swap possibilities. Unlike conventional methods that required extensive modification to your transmission bellhousing, a manual transmission swap kit featuring a bolt-on adapter plate. This saves a considerable amount of effort and time during installation. 

Why Use a G Force Transmission Adapter Plate?

Z33 LS Transmission Adapter Swap Kit

G Force Performance has extensive experience in adapter plate manufacturing. We designed our adapter plates to bolt directly to your factory transmission without compromising functionality. Consequently, we take the uncertainty out of your motor or transmission swap.

In addition, our kits come with all the necessary hardware and components to complete your project. Although we designed our G Force adaptor plates as part of our LS to Z33 and LS to Z32 trans adapter kits, our customers have had great success installing our kits in a wide range of platforms. Each product is designed for the best fitment, strength, and weight without the need for compromise. Plus, we rigorously test them before bringing them to market.

Performance Engineered

Designing and engineering products do not stop with fitment alone. We set our standards high to guarantee that your G Force adaptor plate precisely mates your motor and transmission combination with minimal effort.  Furthermore, we make certain the best quality products for our customers. For example, our Cummins adapter is made from a single solid piece of billet aluminum to ensure unparalleled strength. And, we machine our Z32 and Z33 adapters using laser-cut steel. If you are looking to perform a motor or transmission swap, you can rely on us. All G Force products are performance engineered.

G Force Transmission Adapter Kit Cummins Ford

Not only will our transmission adapter plate make your next project easy, but it may also reduce the cost of your next build! Traditionally, if you want to swap a motor made by a specific manufacturer,  a transmission from the same manufacturer is needed. In instances of 2JZ swaps or LS swaps that could require the use of a V-160, R-154, or T-56 magnum transmission, the cost can sometimes be more than the motor itself. A G Force adapter plate offers the ability to choose from much more affordable transmission options, which helps the budget-conscious mechanic or do-it-yourselfer. Not to mention that our “bolt-on” design helps save time, and time is money!

To learn more about how an adapter plate can save you in the long run, check out Why Choose a CD009.

What Adapters Plates Does G Force Offer?

We currently offer several solutions to adapt your Cummins, LS, Vortex, or LSX motor to a variety of transmissions. 

LS to Z32 and Z33 Adapter Kits

Perhaps our most popular adapter plate is our LS to Z32 adapter plate. Our customers have had great success putting power through both the Z32 and Z33 transmission. Our Z32 and Z33 adapter plates are perfect for your 300zx LS swap, 350z LS swap, or any other of the dozens of builds our customers have completed using Mazda, BMW, and even Lexus platforms.

To find out what makes the Z32 and Z33 transmission and motor combination so appealing, check our related article here

Cummins Adapter Kit

A diesel Cummins conversion involves the swapping of a Cummins diesel engine into another vehicle. Car enthusiasts often choose a Cummins conversion to increase the fuel efficiency and durability of their vehicles. Some common terms you may hear surrounding these conversions include “Fummins” and “Chummins.” These terms refer to swapping a Cummins engine into a Ford or Chevrolet, respectively. G Force Cummins adapter kits are popular options for these swaps.

To find out more about our Cummins adapter plates and other conversions components, check out Diesel Cummins Conversion Kits.

Make your swap project easier! View our complete product pages for more information. 


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