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LS transmission adapter swap kit for 300zx ls swap and z32 ls swap

LS 300zx Swap | Z32 LS Swap

What is an LS 300zx Swap?

The LS 300zx Swap is a prevalent engine swap. It involves putting a General Motors (GM) LS engine into a Nissan 300zx, also known as Z32. The 300zx z32 is a Japanese sports car manufactured between 1989-2000. Nissan originally offered it with a 3.0 liter naturally aspirated and twin-turbo engine. Nissan offered an auto and manual gearbox variant of the z32.

The manual 300zx transmission is a 5-speed that could withstand a beating. Its durability makes it a perfect candidate to mate to the GM V8 Engine known as the LS. Designing a way to bolt a Z32 transmission to an LS creates viable options for a 300zx engine swap. With the availability of an LS 300zx swap kit, many Nissan enthusiasts can have the sporty looks of a 300zx with the reliable power of a GM V8.

The LS is a family of GM engines that debuted in 1997. GM originally called it the Gen-III Small-Block for cars. The truck version was known as the iron-block, while they introduced the lighter weight, all-aluminum LS1 for the new C5 Corvette.

GM produced these engines between 1997 and 2004 in the US. In addition to the C5 Corvette, they came factory installed in the Chevy Camaro as well as Pontiac's Firebird and GTO. Although GM referred to this V8 family of engines as Gen III and Gen IV, enthusiasts quickly saw the potential from their tremendous performance. They nicknamed the group of engines LS.

Why the 300zx?

What is a LS 300zx Swap? Z32 LS swap for 300zx engines
 A stock NA Z32 300zx engine, also known as the VG30DE, puts out a whopping 222 horsepower, and the Twin Turbo version, VG30DETT, produces 300hp. Although the z32 is not, by any means, a slow car, they do not have the power to break the tires loose at the blip of a throttle like an American V8 can. With the engine being the weakest link, and the body styling and drivetrain thriving, the z32 300zx is a perfect candidate for a 300zx ls swap. Racers and serious drivers want lighter cars with stable handling. The LS engine's versatility and power quickly became a standard choice for aftermarket swaps or engine conversions. In particular, drifters and other racers favored the 300zx LS Swap.

LS 300zx swap aftermarket

Because of its popularity, the automotive aftermarket offers a variety of off-the-shelf products to make the 300zx LS swap easier. The range of components required for a successful swap made it worthwhile to develop replacement parts. Some of the assemblages include
  • Driveshafts
  • Transmissions
  • Swap kits
  • Transmission adapters
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel components
  • Cooling system components
  • Motor mounts
  • Wiring
Plus, other parts such as

LS 300zx swap compatibility with LS1 and LS2

A great feature of the LS series is the compatibility between different LS engine generations. That flexibility creates opportunities for devising less expensive but advantageous upgrades. For example, fitting an LS2 head on an LS1 engine adds more horsepower. Therefore, interchanging the parts is an easy way to maximize the potential of the swap. Also, having the choice between the lightweight all-aluminum or the heavier cast iron engine makes this platform desirable in a wide variety of projects.

LS 300zx swap transmission options

GM's go-to manual transmission is the t56. This transmission came factory in 98-02 Camaro/Firebirds, Corvettes, and GTOs. The availability of these transmissions is lacking; therefore, the price has skyrocketed. The scarcity and cost of the t56 are why G Force has engineered transmission swap kits to allow the use of other popular transmissions. Here, the Z32 transmission is worth considering. It is robust yet compact. Because it costs a fraction of a t56, the 300zx transmission is a frequent choice for the budget-conscious. To complete the LS 300zx swap, bolt-on adapter plates like the one from G Force Performance Products make the Z32 transmission connection to an LS motor a breeze. G Force is an established aftermarket resource known for the strength, durability, and reliability of the parts we manufacture. We offer an array of transmission and suspension parts engineered to make complex projects such as the LS 300zx swap more straightforward to complete.

LS Adapter Kits make things easier

For example, our Z32 LS V8 adapter kit mates a Gen III or Gen IV LS Chevy small block engine to a Nissan 300zx Naturally Aspirated 5-speed transmission keeping the 300zx ls swap cost as low as possible. Specifically, G Force designed the kit for transmissions found in NA 300zx's made from 1989 to 2000. This kit is popular with enthusiasts who want a transmission that can easily handle the LS engine's power. The Z32 adapter kit simplifies the conversion by including
  • Custom flywheel
  • Pilot bushing adapter
  • 3/8" steel powder coated adapter plate
  • Mounting hardware

More 300zx LS swap kit information

  • Bolted to the crank, the flywheel needs no spacer bushings or adapters.
  • Made of billet steel, the flywheel weighs about 30 pounds. It's best for 90% of builds. Plus, it is compatible with both the aftermarket and OEM clutch assembly.
  • No transmission modifications needed. However, some heavy wall bellhousing my require a minor clearance trim for the flywheel ring gear, which involves polishing away 0.06" over a tiny area.
  • Includes stock 300zx pilot bushing with a machined steel adapter
Even though this is a popular conversion, every project is different. G Force also offers other suspension and transmission parts for the LS 300zx swap and other conversions. You may want to consider our transmission mounts, motor mounts, crossmembers, and more.


Questions on your Z32 300zx LS Swap?

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