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V8 Swap

G Force Just Made Your Gen V LT V8 Swap a Whole Lot Cheaper!

Gen V LT V8 Engines Gain Popularity

Red race car smoking it on the racetrack. LT Gen V engine to Z32 Z33 or Frontier transmission swap kits | V8 Swap

Gen V LT V8s have been around for almost ten years, and they have become wildly popular performance engine swaps in sports cars, muscle cars, hot rods, classic trucks, and, who knows, maybe even a Little Red Wagon. Whatever you want to put an LT engine in, you will have to consider what transmission you want to back it up.

If you like to row gears in your hot rod, there are some great options out there for high-performance 5 and 6-speed transmissions. Transmission offerings from Chevy Performance and Tremec usually come to mind for most LT V8 swaps. The T-56 transmission is probably the most popular gear box used. The downside to all of the aftermarket high-performance 5 and 6-speed transmissions for most people is availability and price. T-56s are getting harder to find and often come with a huge price tag when you can find one.

Save Thousands & Still Get the Performance You Want

We have a few manual transmission options that we think you’re going to love for your Gen V LT V8 swap. Nissan Z32 5-speed and Z33 6-speed (CD009) transmissions are rock-solid manual gear boxes that can be bolted up to the Gen V LT V8 engines using our G Force adapter kits. A recent third addition to our transmission adapter kits for Gen V LT engines allows you to bolt up the Nissan D40 or N50 6-speed transmissions. Each version of the Nissan manual transmission has slight differences because of their original application that you may want to take note of for your build to make it go smoothly. We’ll outline those in more detail below. G Force transmission adapter kits make it easy to mate a tough, reasonably priced, and readily available Nissan manual transmission behind your LT engine. That’s hot rodding at its best!

Why Choose a Nissan Manual Transmission?

G Force engineered these Nissan transmission swap kits to save money and still deliver the performance you’ll need behind your LT engine. These transmissions are tough and readily available. Our swap kits can save you thousands of dollars over buying an aftermarket high-performance five or 6-speed transmission.

How Tough Are Z32, Z33, D40, D50 Transmissions?

black car with smoking rear tire LT Gen V engine to Frontier Z32 Z33 transmission adapter | V8 Swap

The Nissan Z32 5-speed transmission is a proven performer that can handle 700+ horsepower. Z33 (CD009) and D40/D50 six speeds are withstanding 1,000+ horsepower behind LS and LT engines with no problem. Both are proven winners; You can’t go wrong with any of these transmission choices.

2-Wheel Drive & 4-Wheel Drive Options

Nissan Frontiers & Xterras came in both 2 and 4-wheel drive. If you’re building a 2-wheel drive vehicle, you’ll want to stick with a transmission out of a 2-wheel drive Nissan we mentioned. The 4-wheel drive version of the D40/D50 transmission is perfect for your offroad lifted 4x4, mud truck, or rock crawler.

Shifter Location

All of the Nissan transmissions pulled from the cars mentioned for this swap will have the shifter remotely mounted near the tail of the transmission. If you need the shifter more forward to fit the vehicle you’re building, consider using a transmission from a Frontier or Xterra. Both of these vehicles have the shifter mounted much further forward on the transmission case.

Gear Ratios

As you’ll see below, D40 and N50 6-speed gear boxes have a very low first gear making them ideal for off-roading in 4x4’s where a low first gear is often needed. A tall 6th gear makes them favorable in asphalt pounders, where you might want to save some fuel and cruise at lower RPM.

Z32 Manual 5-Speed Gear Ratios


Z33 Manual 6-Speed Gear Ratios


D40/N50 Manual 6-Speed Gear Ratios


Q and A about an Gen V LT Swap

What Vehicles Used the Z32 5-Speed Transmission For This Swap?

1990 – 1996 300ZX w/Naturally Aspirated Engine

What Vehicles Used the Z33 (CD009) 6-Speed Transmission For This Swap?

2003 – 2006 Nissan 350Z

What Vehicles Used the D40/N50 6-Speed Transmission For This Swap?

2004 and newer Nissan Frontier(D40)/Xterra (N50) – two wheel drive or four wheel drive

Check out the details on the G Force Gen V LT V8 Swap Kits

V8 Swap | Buy a LT Gen V to  Z32 Z33 Frontier Xterra Transmission Swap Kit

Nissan Z32 5-Speed Transmission Adapter Kit

Our Z32 5-Speed Transmission Adapter w/Flywheel for Gen V LT Engines | GF-LTZ32-S allows you to mate a Nissan 300zx (Z32) 5-speed transmission to a Gen V GM LT V8 engine.

Nissan Z33 6-Speed Transmission Adapter Kit

The G Force Z33 6 Speed Transmission-CD009 LT Engine Adapter & Flywheel | GF-LTZ33-S is for mating a Nissan 350Z (Z33) 6-speed transmission, AKA CD00x, or CD009, to a Gen V LT engine.

2005-2015 Nissan Frontier & Xterra Gen V LT Adapter Kit

Mate a Nissan Frontier or Xterra 6-speed manual transmission to an Gen V LT engine with the G Force 2005-2015 Frontier & Xterra Gen V LT Adapter Kit | GF-LTFXT-S

Other Parts You May Need For Your LT V8 Conversion:

  • Transmission/Driveshaft yoke
  • Driveshaft
  • Performance Clutch Assembly
  • LT V8 engine swap kits
  • Hi-torque mini starter (Z33 & Frontier kits only)

We think you’ll love the performance of G Force LT V8 engine to Nissan manual transmission adapter kits. These Nissan manual transmissions are strong and priced much lower than aftermarket performance 5 and 6 speed transmissions, saving you money on your build. G Force adapter kits are always quality built and engineered to help you avoid headaches with your install.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next build using a G Force transmission adapter kit!

Questions about our Gen V LT V8 engine to Nissan 5 and 6 speed transmission adapter kits?

Live Chat or give us a call at 330-753-5300

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