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Godzilla—A Beast of an Engine Conversion

As soon as the Ford 7.3 liter Godzilla gas engine was introduced, many in the performance world immediately started thinking about what vehicle they could shoehorn the beast into. It’s almost as if Ford mixed a little old with the new and designed this engine for modern hot rodding.

The Godzilla 7.3 liter gas engine is a return to the big displacement pushrod V8 engines of yesteryear. With around 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque from the factory, the 7.3 Godzilla motor has the power to bring any hot rod alive.

Collection of Godzilla Engine Swap Parts from G Force

Godzilla engines have the internal durability to push into the 1,000 HP range if you want to build more horsepower. Ford used a cast iron block and forged crank held down with main caps secured using four main bolts & two lateral cross bolts on each cap.

Brand new Ford Godzilla Engine 7.3L

The Godzilla engine block is a stable platform that can withstand big horsepower. Ford also employed aluminum heads which breathe well and keep the weight down over cast iron. Decreasing the weight in the front of your performance vehicle is usually a huge benefit, especially if you’re looking for rear wheel traction.

While the Ford Godzilla engine is physically smaller than the 5.0 Coyote, it is still a large motor that was originally built for huge engine bays on Ford Super Duty trucks. Swapping the beast into most cars will often require making some space around the engine to get it to fit.

From the factory, Ford added a fairly large oil cooler to the driver’s side of the oil pan. Depending on the swap you want to do, the oil cooler can interfere with K-members, the motor mount, as well as steering linkage and exhaust on the driver’s side.

Ford Godzilla 7.3L Oil Cooler Bypass and Coolant Block-Off

Ford Godzilla Engine Conversion Collection from G Force | Buy Now

G Force has your solution to delete your factory Godzilla 7.3L oil cooler and free up space around your oil pan and driver’s side motor mount. Our G Force Godzilla 7.3 liter oil cooler bypass and coolant block-off kit makes quick work of deleting the factory oil cooler. We machine it from 6061-T6 aluminum and includes a stainless steel plug and o-ring to keep the oil where it should be.

G Force also includes an oil cooler coolant block-off plug that plugs the coolant port when you remove the factory oil cooler. It is also machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and includes an o-ring. Installation is a simple bolt-in procedure.

2020+ Ford Godzilla 7.3L Engine Lift Plate

To make 7.3 liter Godzilla engine installation easier, G Force designed and manufactured an engine lift plate specifically for the Godzilla. With multiple lifting locations, you can easily get the right angle to install a Godzilla motor with or without a transmission attached.

Another built-in feature of our lifting plate are eight laser cut intake port covers to keep debris and small parts out during a Godzilla engine swap. We finished it with a durable powder coat finish and include hardware to make your Godzilla lift easier!

S197 Ford Mustang Godzilla 7.3 Liter Engine Swap Mounts

We know you S197 Mustang owners can’t wait to install a Godzilla in your 2005 – 2014 Ford Mustang. G Force is ready to help with our new S197 Ford Mustang Godzilla 7.3 Liter Engine Swap Mounts.

These mounts will simplify the installation of a 2020 or newer Ford 7.3L Godzilla gas engine into your 05 – 14 Mustang. G Force motor mounts are laser cut from ¼” steel and powder coated for long lasting durability.

If you’re ready to swap a 7.3L Godzilla gas engine, contact us for the parts and tools you need to get the swap done right!

Questions about our Godzilla Engine Conversion Parts?

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