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Product Description

  • Engines: LS and SBC
  • The GF-ELP engine lift plates are ideal for installation and removal of GM LS and SBC engines.
  • Our G Force Engine Lift Plates bolt to the exhaust port of the engine cylinder heads, spreading the weight of the engine across multiple fasteners, vs 2 bolts as commonly used with engine slings and other lifting devices.
  • On LS engines, the proximity of the cylinder heads to the bellhousing surface does not allow for attachment of traditional lifting devices to the back of the cylinder heads. The lift G Force Engine Lift Plates eliminate that interference issue. 
  • This set of 2 lift plates are laser cut from 1/4" structural steel, powder coat finished, and include high strength fasteners for proper attachment to your engine.
  • This G Force exclusive incorporates provisions to mount to both LS and early generation Small Block Chevy engines, making this tool as versatile as it is rugged. 

The G Force Patented Transmission Crossmember

Performance Engineered from Start to Finish


Our engineers are also car enthusiasts—which makes designing automotive parts second nature. Because we use our products, we know the importance of crafting them with strength and durability. Get more performance from G Force.

Easy Installation.
It’s Foolproof!

We engineer bold solutions that make installation easier without sacrificing quality. Get more support from G Force.







Weight: 22 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 3 in

Finish: Red Powder Coated

Fasteners: Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Raul Martinez


Thanks for the 5 star review! We appreciate your business.

Gary Bieler
Nice, but could be better

Could easily be better.
The angle could be changed a little.
I had to put two washers under it at each bolt, because it was already touching the bolt bosses for the coils, on the valve covers and I really did not want them to snap off.
The other thing is the holes in the top could be smaller. When using a chain and bolts, you have to wrap around it, to keep the chain from pulling through.

Thanks for the review.. We'll pass your comments along to our engineers.

Trevor P
LS engine lift plates

Very pleased with the plates! Easy to attach the hoist and maneuver the engine block. Cleared the truck intake and protected the coils and other delicate bits!
Thanks Trevor

Santiago Vega
Ls lift plates

If your ls block is assembled with ignition coils and bracket this will not clear a g body a/c box and master cylinder because plates will not go on with holes angled in.

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