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Designed for More Performance

Parts Engineered by Car Enthusiasts, For Car Enthusiasts

G Force Performance caters to the automotive enthusiast by providing quality parts to make custom transmission swaps, restorations, and builds easy and more affordable. At G Force, our engineers also are car enthusiasts, and the new products we develop often are born from personal experience. In part, our inspiration comes from the parts, tools, and shortcuts we improvise or wish we had available during our own builds or while helping our friends. Since we spend so much of our time working on cars, designing automotive-related parts becomes second nature to us.

We’re also consumers, we design our products with strength and craftsmanship in mind. However, we recognize the importance of price and affordability. Consequently, we strive for balance. We know from personal experience just how quickly money disappears into our favorite projects. Our goal is to give you the best quality we can at a competitive price point.

As a result, we use our extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing process to engineer parts more efficiently, which cuts costs without sacrificing quality. G Force engineers know that designing great products involves more than just identifying a problem or inconvenience and inventing a solution. It also means keeping the customer in mind. In addition to using our own experiences as inspiration, we developed a lot of G Force products because the alternative solution is too expensive for the average enthusiast, has a design flaw, or we see how modifications would make the customer’s life easier.

Our success is your success.

Our unique designs have earned multiple patents, and we frequently receive enthusiastic reviews from car buffs from around the country. Our product lines are always expanding. Check out our New Products section to see the latest parts from G Force. Get more performance with less cost, time, and effort from G Force Performance Products.