4L80E low stall torque converter GF-80B1200
torqe converter 2

4L80E Low Stall Torque Converter


Model: GF-80B1200

This is the Torque Converter you need to gain the performance you desire with your Cummins conversion and your GM 4L80E transmission! Use of your old converter will lead to disappointment! You need a low stall converter with lock-up and the strength to hold up to the performance of your Cummins engine.
GF-80B1200 Features:
• Full Size with Lock-Up.
• Oversized Carbon Fiber Clutch.
• 1200 RPM Stall. (Approximate)
• Rated at 1,000 Horsepower.
• Rated at 800 Foot Pounds of Torque.
• Billet Construction.
Don’t cheat yourself! Even if you will never need the strength of our converter, you WILL need the low stall.
Installation of our GF-80B1200 Torque Converter, with the transmission shift controller of your choice, and you will gain the full performance and benefits of your GM 4L80E behind your Cummins.


Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 in

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