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Tech Tips: Adjustable Toe Rods

Camaro, SS, G8 Adjustable Rear Toe Rods Installation Tips

Alright, in this video we’re going to install our G Force Toe Rods for a G8, Camaro, and a Caprice. There’s the factory one. So, one thing to know is that the factory unit uses a cam washer and bolt to adjust the toe. We’re going to eliminate that and we’re going to use the double adjustable, aerospace grade aluminum toe rod from G Force. And we’re going to delete those eccentric washers.

So, before we start we’re going to measure the center line to center line of the stock unit to get a baseline. So, we’re right around 13 5/8. We’re going to take not of that and we’re going to take the stock one out.

Now we’re going to remove the stock toe arm.

Okay, we were at about 13 5/8. I’m going to get this pretty close and then, obviously you’ll have to do an alignment afterwards but I do want to get it close before we install it. So I’ve adjusted this to 13 5/8. So once you have it aligned you’ll tighten the nuts down finger-tight and then you’ll be ready to install.

So now we’re going to install the G Force toe rod using the provided hardware. Get that one started and reuse the other side. I’m going to get them tight and then make sure the washers are in between the grooves. Then torque them down to factory specs.

Okay, as a recap we’ve just installed our toe rods and our lower control arms [watch lower control arm/trailing arm install video here] for our G8 rear end. A couple of things to note—is we’re eliminating the factory eccentric bolt and now we have this double adjustable turnbuckle style. So, you might have measured and got it pretty close but still what to get an alignment just to make sure everything is straight. We’re going to put some zip ties on this wire there and should be good to go.

Check out the GF-CTR-A product page for more information and to purchase this part.

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