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G Force Trailing Arms | Control Arm GF-CTA Installation Tips

G Force Trailing Arms | GF-CTA Installation Tips

Alright so today we’re going to be installing the G Force lower control arms [trailing arms] for the G8, Camaro, and Caprice and I’m going to go over the process of installing them.

So, you can install them in the vehicle but I dropped the subframe because I’m going to be upgrading some other components on the rearend.

But the first step is to loosen the bolts on the stock one, remove them and put the new ones in. Alright, so first we’re going to remove the stock lower control arm.

Okay, so now we’re going to install the G Force control arm. We’re going to reuse the stock bolts. Then we’re going to torque these bolts down to factory specs.

Alright, make sure to grease the grease zerks on the bottom of your new control arms.

Check out the GF-CTA product page for more information and to purchase this part.

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