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G Force Next Generation Lightweight Crossmembers

G Force Next Generation Lightweight Crossmembers

Hey Guys, Jordan from G Force Performance with another G Force video.

One of our most popular products is our patented Transmission Crossmember. We’ve been making these Crossmembers since the early 2000’s. Recently we’ve had requests for a lightweight version. So, what we did is we took 4 of our most popular Crossmembers and we took ten pounds off of them. And, that’s what you see in front of us.

This is what we call our Next Gen Crossmember. It’s a little bit different of a design. It’s more of a channel instead of a tubular steel design of our traditionals, but this one has been tested in an independent lab alongside with our traditional and some of the competition. It’s been proven to be just as strong, if not stronger.

This Crossmember still has the double dump design so you can fit extra large exhaust. It also comes powder coated black with hardware and instructions to make a seamless install.

These are all bolt-in so there is no cutting or drilling required and they are available for different transmissions and makes and models of vehicles.

For more information on this new lightweight transmission Crossmember or to purchase visit our website at

Check out all of our Next Generation Lightweight Crossmember options here.

Visit our blog page What is a Lightweight Crossmember? for more information.

Questions about any of our Transmission Crossmembers?

Live Chat or give us a call at 330-753-5300

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