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ford engine lift plate

Big Godzilla Engine Needs Special Lift Plate

Godzilla Lift Plate Huge Help for Gigantic Engine

Hey Guys—I’m Jordan with G Force Performance

One the of new engines out there that a lot of people are swapping into older cars is the Ford 7.3 Godzilla. In front of me today we have our patented Mock Up Block version of the Godzilla engine, which is great for mocking up motor mounts, figuring out oil pan locations, accessories, intake location.

So, this thing’s great. It’s lightweight. It’s a lot easier to lift this thing in and out of your car when you’re first planning your engine swap. But, whenever you’re ready to put your actual Godzilla in it’s pretty darn heavy. There’s not a good spot on that engine to hook a chain or to lift it from. That’s why we came out with our lift plate.

This thing is a quarter inch steel, powder coated red, super heavy-duty. It’s up for the task for that heavy Godzilla engine. But another feature that it has is if you’re storing your engine, you can set this on top and bolt it down. It will actually seal off your ports to make sure nothing gets in there. No dust or mice or squirrels or anything like that.

In addition to the Godzilla lift plate, we also have lift plates for the LS and the Small Block Chevy.  So, if you want to check them out go to our website at

Thanks for watching.

You can purchase the Godzilla Lift Plate and Mock Up Block on our website. Find all of our Godzilla products here.

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