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Lightweight Crossmembers Gain Popularity

Akron, Ohio, March 17-, 2022 – G Force Performance Products, a leading automotive aftermarket parts supplier, expanded their line of lightweight transmission crossmembers. Their new regular and lightweight Crossmember Bundles include transmission mounts that extend transmission options for performance enthusiasts'.

A crossmember is the steel-reinforced bar that spans the width of a vehicle to support its transmission. They are necessary to maintain body panel alignment and help the car resist the deflection and twisting that is part of the normal rigors of the racetrack or road.

G Force crossmembers are engineered for an exact fit to the Year, Make, Model, and transmission of the vehicle. There is no cutting, welding, or special adapters required for a perfect fit, making them stronger, reliable, and more durable than other options on the market.

In addition, all G Force crossmembers have a patented double-hump dual exhaust design to accommodate the larger diameter exhaust systems usually found in vehicles modified for performance.

Because of the demands placed on them, a crossmember is heavy, often weighing 30 pounds or more. In most instances, the weight of the crossmember is not an issue. However, in situations such as on the racetrack, weight affects performance. A lower total weight allows for faster acceleration, less braking time, and better handling.

Recognizing the need for the same strength and durability as a regular crossmember but weighing less, G Force engineered a lightweight version of their most popular crossmembers. In addition, they bundled these crossmembers with specific transmission mounts to ensure proper fitment to a broader range of transmissions than was previously available.

Their complete line of crossmembers can be found on their website, along with their transmission adapter kitssuspension componentsMock Up Blocks, and other automotive parts. Their crossmember bundles and lightweight crossmembers are also available online.

Jordan Sampson, Project Engineer, G Force Performance Products

Jordan Sampson, Project Engineer, said, "Our line of lightweight crossmembers and crossmember bundles are becoming increasingly popular. We're always looking for ways to expand our product line to meet the needs of our customers better."

"Our racecar customers have been asking about a lighter-weight version, and we're pleased to have been able to design a product that reduced the vehicle curb weight while maintaining the strength and durability expected from a G Force part."

Sampson continued, "We had our lightweight crossmembers independently tested for Load versus Deflection and found a negligible difference between the original crossmember and the newer version. The results were exciting to see and gave our customers confidence in the product."

"With the addition of the crossmember and transmission mount bundles, we were able to provide crossmembers to a wider range of customers using transmissions we were unable to support until now." It's always rewarding to help car enthusiasts achieve their goals," he concluded.

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