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Car Body Types

G Force Crossmember

Car body types are grouped by year, make, and model. Use the tables below to find the body type for your car. To ensure you’re finding the correct body type,

pay particular attention to the year—some makes and models may have been manufactured over several time periods and therefore have different body types.

Visit Find the Right Crossmember to Support Your Transmission for other helpful information on selecting the correct Transmission Crossmember for your project. Our most popular A Body and G Body crossmembers also have a lighter weight version because weight matters

A Body

B Body

Note: For 1971-1975 cars refer to C Body. 

Fox Body

C Body

E Body

F Body

G Body

Note: Cars between 1978-1981 were known as A/G Body cars. 

X Body

Note: NOVAS = Nova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo, Skylark 

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