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Transmission Crossmember

G Force Engineered Lighter Weight Transmission Crossmember

For car enthusiasts, as well as race car drivers, the impact of weight is a serious consideration. It influences every modification they make to their cars. Reducing curb weight (the total weight of the car without a driver) has its advantages, and the transmission crossmember is one of many aftermarket parts that can lighten the load.

Why weight matters

G Force Next Generation Crossmember

Any amount of weight added to or removed from the car impacts performance. When correctly removed to balance the load, a lower curb weight allows faster acceleration, better handling, and less braking time. Because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to move the car, less weight ultimately reduces the amount of fuel consumption and emissions. In general, a ten percent reduction in weight has an equivalent decrease in the amount of force required to slow down or speed up an object. This rule applies to vehicles too. To put it simply—for the road racer or drifter, with everything else being equal, a balanced weight-reduction equals better lap times.

You asked, and we listened—

4 new lighter weight transmission crossmembers

Although G Force has long been known for the strength, reliablity, and durability integral to our crossmember design, our customers asked for a lighter weight version to help them balance their vehicles' curb weight. For that reason, our engineers redesigned our four bestselling crossmembers to weigh 25 pounds or less—a weight reduction of at least 20% for each of them. These next generation crossmembers were independently tested for Load vs. Deflection. The result was a negligible difference in strength when compared to the legacy product.

G Force Transmission Crossmember—Proven Strong

Next Generation and Legacy Crossmember

Most importantly, every lighter weight transmission crossmember kept all the qualities that make G Force a leader in the transmission and suspension aftermarket industry. With that in mind, refining our products does not stop at fitment. Our standards ensure that the next generation of products withstands the demands of the road or racecourse. For example, the RCGNG-700 Next Gen Crossmember, when measured against the RCG-700 Legacy product, shows only a slight change during the Load vs. Deflection testing. In fact, the difference is too small to be seen by the naked eye. At 200 lbs., the typical load for an installed transmission, the Next Gen Crossmember deflection measured 0.089” (up), 0.111” (down) as compared to 0.075” (up), 0.096” (down) for the Legacy part (see graph below). Similarly, tests of other Next Gen crossmembers showed similar results.

Crossmembers Next Gen Load vs Deflection Graph RCGNG-700 vs RCG-700

transmission crossmember

Why choose a next-gen G Force transmission crossmember?

There are a variety of reasons why our customers choose a G Force crossmember. Here are just a few.
  • Patented “Double-Hump” design allows plenty of space for large diameter exhaust.
  • A bolt-to-frame design requires no cutting or welding and makes installation a breeze.
  • Shipped with mounting hardware and installation instructions.
  • Extensively tested and proven to withstand the toughest loads. A lighter weight crossmember meet the same stringent standards as the original, time-tested part.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Exceptional customer service backed by decades of industry experience.

G Force Next-Gen Transmission Crossmember Details

The four next-generation Crossmembers fit popular years and body types, including 1964 – 1967 and 1968 – 1972 A Body as well as 1984 – 1988, 1978 – 1988, and 1978 – 1983 G Body vehicles. Detailed information regarding make, model, year, transmission, and more are available. We also have a complete guide to Finding the right crossmember for your project. 

You may purchase a next-generation transmission crossmember from G Force with confidence. Learn why our customers choose G Force and our unique crossmember design.


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