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crossmember installed under a car

A Next Gen Crossmember Maintains Strength

Lighter Weight with Same Strength, Durability, and Reliability

Get a light weight, next generation crossmember from G Force

At G Force, refining our products does not stop at fitment. We set high standards to ensure that every next generation Crossmember withstands the demands you experience on the road or racecourse. You asked for a lighter weight crossmember option and we accomodated that request by re-engineering are most popular crossmembers. If you'd like more information, read our blog on why weight matters

Proven Strength

Tested under the harshest conditions by experienced racers, a legacy Crossmember from G Force has withstood the test of time. Even though we re-engineered our most popular Crossmembers to weigh up to 10 pounds less, they meet the same stringent standards. Additionally, the lighter weight of the newest additions to our Crossmember line make them practical choice for a broader range of projects.

Next Gen Crossmember Independently Tested

The next generation of Crossmembers underwent the same testing as our legacy products. The results of the Load vs. Deflection test performed by an independent consulting firm, show a negligible difference in the strength of the newer, lighter weight Crossmember when compared to the legacy product.  

durable next gen crossmembers

For example, the RCGNG-700 Next Gen transmission Crossmember, compared to the RCG-700 Legacy product, shows only a slight variation between these parts during the Load vs. Deflection test. In fact, the difference is too small to be seen by the naked eye. At 200 lbs., the typical load for an installed transmission, the Next Gen Crossmember deflection measured 0.089” (up), 0.111” (down) as compared to 0.075” (up), 0.096” (down) for the Legacy part (see graph below). Similarly, tests of other Next Gen Crossmembers showed similar results.  


Next Gen Crossmember Load vs Deflection results Graph

Purchase a G Force Next Gen Crossmember with confidence

G Force continues to revolutionize the transmission and suspension industry with our innovative product line. Our dedicated engineering team designs products with the end-user in mind. To that end, each part is rigorously tested and engineered for fitment, strength, weight, and durability. You can buy with confidence from G Force.

Buy a Next Gen Crossmember Today!

Need to know more? Discover why our customers choose a G Force Crossmember, and our bolt-to-frame crossmember design, or view our complete guide for finding the right crossmember for your project.

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