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G Force Dealer Newsletter | June 2021

Dear Dealer-

Everyone at G Force is excited to share news of our latest products with you. 

Engine Mock Up Block

Because of the popularity of our Adjustable Transmission Mount for GM vehicles, we modified this revolutionary yet straightforward tool for Ford. You can find out more about it on our newly redesigned website—

In other big news, we recently unveiled our innovative Engine Mock Up Block Fixture. This patented pending device was engineered especially for G Force by Advanced Resources, LLC

The LS and Gen V LT Mock Up Block Fixture is the first in a series under development. The fixture simplifies the fitment process during an engine swap. Using it, mechanics and DIYers can test motor mount placement to the oil pan and bellhousing positions without moving a heavy and challenging to maneuver engine in and out of the engine bay.

The lightweight fixture makes test-fitting new motor mounts a breeze. In addition, the see-through metal design makes fitment adjustments less cumbersome, and it stands up to the heat of welding, which is sometimes needed when making custom motor mounts. 

Details about these and other new additions to the G Force product lineup are listed below. Your customers are sure to value these parts for their next project.

GM Engine Mock Up Block Fixture for LS and Gen V LT Engines- GF-EJGM-LS

We devised this innovative part to eliminate the time-consuming and challenging effort of using the actual engine for test fitting swap components in your vehicle. The engine fixture is a lightweight template that bolts to the oil pan, bellhousing, and motor mounts for efficiently determining the exact positioning for a perfect fitment every time.

Ford Adjustable Transmission Mount – GF-FMATM

Ford Adjustable Transmission Mount

The Adjustable Ford Transmission Mount solves many alignment issues common in engine swaps. Just like the popular GM version from G Force, this transmission mount provides from 1" to 2-1/2" of forward adjustment. Designed to fit most popular Ford applications from 1979 to 1998, with studs on 2-3/16" center, this mount bolts to the transmission crossmember. As a result, it eliminates the hassle of swap misalignments, saving you time and money.

Ford Focus Motor Mount- GF-MM-FOCUS REAR 

Ford Focus Transmission Mount from G Force Performance Products

This motor mount is a great first step toward improving vehicle performance. The use of superior bushing material reduces motor movement, resulting in less wheel hop and torque steer while improving traction without inducing excessive Noise, Vibration, or Harshness (NVH). In addition, G Force built the new motor mount to last.



Mustang Subframe Connectors 1979-2004 – SSM-1402

Mustang Subframe Connectors from G Force Performance Products

By connecting from the front K-Member area to the rear lower Torque Box area on both sides of the car, these tubular subframe connectors improve your car's performance in autocross, road racing, and drag racing. The firm connection to the subframe reduces quarter panel flexing. Plus, the supplied bolt-on hardware eliminates welding, making it a popular option for both novice and serious racers. Southside Machine is now part of G Force, and we're dedicated to providing the same high quality and durable products for which Southside was known in the industry.



Jeep Wrangler TJ Fuel Pressure Regulator Delete – GF-JFRD-V2

Jeep Wrangler TJ Fuel Pressure Regulator Delete

Allows you to bypass the stock Jeep regulator (set at 40psi, which is too low a pressure reading for most V8 swaps) and install the external regulator of your choice.



Crossmember Bundles – 

G Force Crossmember Bundle--crossmember with transmission adapter means our crossmembers fit even more transmissions

By bundling popular our Crossmembers with specific transmission mounts, G Force Performance Products now accommodate even more transmissions. Depending on the Body Type and Year of your vehicle, these new bundles make G Force Crossmembers compatible with the 6L80E Slip Yoke, 6L90E Slip Yoke, and 8L90E Slip Yoke transmissions. Plus, our Crossmembers work with the T-56, T-56 Magnum, T-56XL, Magnum XL, and TR6060 on even more vehicles when using the recommended motor mount. 

Coming soon:

Nissan Frontier/Xterra LS Swap Adapter Kit, Camaro Trailing Arms, and Miata Sway Bars. Watch for an announcement about these new products and more on Facebook, Instagram, or our website.

You can find the details about all the products we've engineered to make engine swaps and other popular automotive enhancements easier and more reliable on or

Click on New Products for a complete list of the latest parts from G Force. We're sure your customers will like what we have to offer.

Please email me at our Crew or call 330-753-5300 for pricing and to place your order.

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