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What is a Motor Mount?

A Motor Mount Minimizes Engine Vibration

Even though your car runs a powerful combustion engine, as you race along, you likely experience the bumps and vibrations of the road more than anything that is coming from under the hood. So, even though millions of tiny explosions occur in your engine, why don't you feel it?

The answer is motor mounts, also known as engine mounts, which are the part of the vehicle that holds the motor in position.

How many Motor Mounts does a car have?

All vehicles have multiple motor mounts to stabilize the engine and keep other components from being damaged by the engine. These mounts also absorb vibration coming from the motor, which is why you and your passengers have a much more comfortable ride.

Most vehicles have two to four motor mounts. The number depends on the make, model, and year of the car or truck. The size of the mounts and the motor's stability also play a role in determining how many mounts are necessary to support the engine fully.

Motor Mounts Location

The motor mounts location are near the engine because every engine mount connects to the vehicle in two places—the motor and the car frame. When you look closely, you might find an additional mount close to the transmission. The transmission mount is different from a motor mount and designed to maintain transmission alignment even as it shifts gears and torque levels. G Force carries a variety of transmission mounts for your projects. You can find out more about What is a Transmission Mount in our related blog article.

Signs of a bad Motor Mount or one that is not installed correctly

A bad motor mount can result in significant damage to your vehicle. Faulty motor mount symptoms include—

  • Physical damage to nearby components
  • Tension increases on the wheels and transmission
  • Damage to the Intake, Wiring, and Exhaust systems
  • On front-wheel drive vehicles, steering can be affected

Motor mounts are engineered to last many years or at least 60,000 miles. Depending on driving conditions, they may even last the life of the car. G Force customers typically purchase motor mounts when they are completing an engine swap.

Even so, recognizing the signs of motor mount failure can save you a lot of damage to your vehicle. These signs include clangs, bangs, and other noises coming from the motor and unusual vibrations that the driver and the passengers notice. These sounds may become more noticeable with increased speed and as demand on the engine increase (torque).

Engine Mount Explained

There are various types of motor mounts. Basically, metal plates with a rubber block are attached to the car's body and the engine. These plates act as an insulator to absorb the impact of engine combustion. The mounts isolate the car's passengers and prevent them from feeling the vibrations and noise coming from the engine. Otherwise, riding in any vehicle would be very uncomfortable.

There are many types of Motor Mounts in your vehicle, depending on your car's make, model, and year.

Polyurethane Mounts— For heavy-duty vehicles and certain race cars like those driven for drifting and autocross, some prefer stiff polyurethane mounts even though they often don't absorb as many raw vibrations as rubber mounts can. Polyurethane can be better at minimizing the vibrations from intense car movements.
Rubber Mounts—  are the most common type of mounts, and often they are found in economy cars, trucks, and older vehicles.
Active Mounts— use either a small vacuum chamber or electronic controls to absorb specific shock frequencies.
Fluid Filled Mounts— have become the norm for some newer model vehicles, particularly mid-range and luxury cars. These mounts look similar to shock absorbers and significantly decrease engine vibration.


Choose G Force Motor Mounts to absorb better the powerful vibrations encountered by muscle car and race car drivers. Our Motor Mount prices range from as low as $99.95 to $799.00 for adapter kits that include engine mounts, headers, manifold gaskets, engine lift plates, and bolts for a 1984-1995 or 1996-2004 Mustang to SBC swap.

An adjustable LS Swap Motor Mount—

G Force adjustable LS Motor Mount AdapterAdjustable LS Motor Mount Adapter Set – GF-LS-MMA
  • Models: GM 
  • Engines: LS, Vortec
  • This adapter set allows the installation of LS Engines and Vortec Engines into early GM vehicles that use a standard 3-bolt style motor mount. 
  • Prevent transmission misalignment by customizing your LS installation. Use the factory bellhousing location or move it up to 2" forward or back as needed. 
  • The 3 locations are each positioned to keep the proper engine drive-line angle alignment, regardless of stock or forward engine positions. 
  • Within each position is 1/2" of infinite adjustment for greater positioning flexibility.

‘07-’18 Ford Focus Mount—

Ford Focus Rear Motor Mount G ForceFord Focus Motor Mount – GF-MM-FOCUS-REAR
  • Fits Models: 13-18 Focus ST, 16-18 Focus RS, 07-13 Mazda Speed 3
  • Fits Years: 07-18
  • Significantly reduces motor deflection, wheel hp, and torque steer.
  • Improves traction without inducing excessive Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH).
  • Machined from billet aluminum, anodized, and configured with a durable 75A polyurethane bushing, which reduces motor movement. 
  • This rear motor mount for your Ford Focus is a great first step in improving your vehicle's performance.

In addition, G Force has bundled their motor mounts with other adapters and accessories. See our Motor Mount Collection for more information. Plus, you can learn more about our SBC to Mustang Motor Mount Adapter by watching our video.

SBC Motor Mount

GM SBC, BBC Motor Mounts 1963-19821963-1982 GM Motor Mounts SBC, BBC – GF-GM-EMM
  • Models: GM
  • Fits Years: 63-82
  • Engines: SBC, BBC
  • This is the early style "short and wide" motor mount that measures 2 5/8" between the ears and is 1 3/4" tall to the center of the through-bolt hole. A diagram is available on our website.
  • For street or track use.
  • Torque-resistant
  • Sold as a set.

Cummins to Chevy Motor Mount—

Cummins 6BT to Chevy Motor Mount GF-C-MM G Force1973-1987 Cummins 6BT to Chevy Motor Mount – GF-C-MM


  • Years: 73-87
  • Cummins 6BT to Chevy Pickup
  • When installing a Cummins 6BT into your 1973-1987 Chevy pickup, this conversion motor mount allows for proper placement of the engine directly to the OEM frame mount isolators.
  • It also fits 1991 and earlier Suburbans.
  • Because they are manufactured from laser-cut structural steel and precision welded, these mounts will handle the stress and torque of your high-powered drivetrain.
  • It will fit both 2WD and 4WD models.
  • 2WD drive applications will require installer modifications to the OEM engine crossmember to clear the Cummins oil pan.
  • When used with a G Force GF-GMDC Drop Crossmember on 4WD models, you can retain OEM drivetrain height. Without our GF-GMDC Drop Crossmember, a vehicle body lift is required.

If you're swapping a different motor into your vehicle, new motor mounts are most certainly something to consider. They are vital to minimizing distracting, uncomfortable, and potentially damaging engine vibrations. 


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