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SBC into Mustang Motor Mount Adapter

Hi, welcome to G Force Performance Products.

Today, we got a great product we want to show you. It's a Motor Mount Adapter Plate that lets you put a Small Block Chevy Engine into a later model Ford Mustang.

This is a K-Member out of the Ford Mustang of '96 to '04 and we're going to drop the Small Block Chevy Motor into it with the help of this G Force Performance Products Motor Mount Adapter Plate.

The wedge-shaped plates, right here, go into the motor mounts. The motor mounts have to be the short and wide style—2 5/8 inches between and 1 ¾” tall. We're going to go ahead and put this on, and I'll show you how to adjust it.

Back at G Force Performance Product, we've got our motor mount adapter mounted onto our Small Block Chevy, and we’re getting ready to install it into our Mustang K-Member.

What we want to do is adjust it so that this adapter is as high up as we can get it. And you want this to be level across the bottom. Once that's high up that you can get it and level across the bottom, you simply tighten down all these bolts and hold her in place. And then, we're ready to lower it into the K-Member.

It's going to bolt into the K-Member with this nut plate. That's going to go right inside the K-Member, and we'll go ahead and do that now.

Hi, welcome back to G Force Performance. We've went ahead and lowered our engine down to where we could line these bolts up with the nut plates. And then, we just kind of put them in finger tight.

And, then we pulled the bolt out of the motor mount so we could lift our motor up and that lets us adjust everything down here nice and tight. And we can get in here with a torque wrench and torque everything to the proper specs. Once we do that real quick, then, we'll lower it down in; throw the two bolts in each side to the motor mount and we're ready to go. We'll do that now.

Hi, welcome back to G Force Performance Products. As you can see we've wrapped it up. We've lowered our Small Block Chevy Engine into our Ford Mustang Crossmember with the help of our G Force Motor Mount Adapter and we tighten down all the bolts, torqued everything down, put the bolts back through. the motor mounts on both sides. Everything is square, level, and ready to go.

Now we can go ahead and put our transmission on our driveshaft and have perfect driveline symmetry all the way back to the rear end and you’ve just dropped a Small Block Chevy into a Ford Mustang—with the help of G Force Performance Products.

They have two kits available to do this. We have 84 to 95 and in 96 to 04. Put any Small Block in any Mustang. Thank you for using G Force Performance Products.

Questions about how to put a chevy motor in a mustang?

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