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Small Block Chevy Swap | Ford Mustang Conversion

Swap a Small Block Chevy into A Ford Mustang

Frequently Asked Questions about an SBC to Mustang Conversion

What is an SBC to Mustang swap? The task of installing a Chevrolet early generation small block into a Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang Motor Mount Adapter from G Force Performance Products

What is an SBC to Mustang Motor Mount Adapter? A product designed to facilitate installing the SBC into the Ford Mustang.

What makes an SBC to Mustang Adapter unique? The G Force Performance SBC to Mustang adapter kit is a simple bolt-in adapter designed to fit the OEM K-Member without any structural modifications to the 1984 to 2004 Ford Mustang chassis.

Why should I swap a Mustang to an SBC? Many auto enthusiasts consider one of the best chassis to roll off the production line to be the 1984 to 2004 Mustang chassis, and at the same time, they think the SBC is one of the best engines for performance builds. Therefore, putting the SBC engine into the Mustang chassis is a logical and popular choice.

Is an LS a Small Block Chevy? By displacement and block size, most LS engines are considered small blocks, but they differ from early generation small block Chevrolet engines and are typically referred to as LS. The SBC terminology is reserved for the earlier Gen 1 and 2 small block engines.

Are all LS engines Small Blocks? Most LS engines are small blocks, but the 8.1L engine (Vortec 8100), manufactured from 2001 to 2009, is a big block and was the last big block gasoline-powered engine to be manufactured by Chevrolet.

Explain the difference between an LS and an SBC. There are many differences between the LS and SBC, including fuel delivery and ignition, along with block construction.

How can G Force help with my SBC to Mustang Swap?

Small Block Chevy Swap | Ford Mustang Conversion

G Force has motor mounts and adapters to facilitate an SBC to Mustang Swap. Basic information about the installation of the adapter is listed below and followed by a list of parts that make up our SBC to Mustang line of products engineered for specific Mustang model years.

G Force Small Block Chevy Engine in Ford Mustang Motor Mount Adapter
This product is a simple bolt-in motor mount adapter from G Force designed for the straightforward installation of a V8 Chevrolet Small Block into a 1984-1995 or 1996-2004 Ford Mustang; utilizing the stock OEM K-Member and retaining the structural integrity which makes this such a popular platform.

Two components comprise the G Force motor mount adapter, a K-Member adapter that bolts to the K-Member, replacing the original motor mounts, and a set of two motor mount blocks designed to accept the SBC motor mount. The motor mount adapter from G Force also includes the necessary hardware to assemble the adapter and attach it to the OEM K-Member.

Chevrolet SBC to Ford Mustang Adapter Assembly Steps:
To begin the installation of the adapter, the motor mount blocks should be loosely attached to the slotted K-Member adapter. The slots allow for "rotational" adjustments and centering of the assembly.

  1. Secure the SBC on your engine stand. Then, the loosely assembled adapter can be bolted to the engine.
  2. Next, slide the motor mount blocks within the slots on the K-Member adapter. Make sure the bottom of the adapter is parallel to the engine block, then tighten the motor mount block bolts.
  3. Remove the horizontal motor mount bolts, removing the G Force adapter, in preparation for installation into your vehicle.
  4. Position the assembled G Force adapter with the motor mount blocks towards the front of the vehicle.  
  5. Insert the provided grade 8 hardware through the adapter and K-Member, threading to the provided captive nut plates.
  6. Tighten to draw the assemble securely to the K-Member, then loosen to a snug assembly.

This process allows for the front-to-back adjustment of your drivetrain as needed.  

At this point, you are ready to position your SBC over the installed G Force adapter, insert the horizontal motor mount bolt and nut assembly, and tighten. Note:  Installation can be completed with or without the transmission bolted to the engine. However, always secure the rear of your drivetrain properly before releasing all weight onto the motor mounts.

The G Force adapter is designed with front-to-back adjustment to allow the use of the large OEM HEI distributors or small aftermarket distributors. Once you have established front-to-back positioning, fully tighten the bolts that secure the G Force adapter to the K-Member. Be aware that slight notching of the horizontal panel seam on the firewall may be necessary.

The G Force adapter will clear a stock oil pan and a stock mechanical fuel pump without modifying the Mustang chassis or rack and pinion steering assembly. Utilizing larger oil pans is possible with slight modifications of the K-Member gussets.

It is important to remember manufacturers provide OEM components with design features in mind, and any modifications must take into consideration structural integrity and reinforcements implemented as a replacement. Any modifications have an associated risk of injury or death. The installer assumes all liability associated with them.

More Chevy Engine to Ford Mustang Adapter Kits from G Force

Small Block Chevy Swap | Ford Mustang Conversion

G Force has recently introduced two new Mustang to Chevy LS Motor Mount Adapter Kits. The 1984-1995 GF-CM-LSKIT and the GF-CML-LSKIT for 1996-2004 Mustangs. In addition to our SBC engine adapter and motor mounts, these kits include our LS adapter.

G Force Performance is the home for engine swap kits.  Whether you choose to run an early generation SBC, or a later model LS platform, G Force kits are simple to install, and they are proven to withstand high horsepower performance builds. 

Questions about our Mustang to Chevy LS Motor Conversion parts?

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