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LS transmission adapter swap kit

LS to Frontier/Xterra 6 speed manual transmission adapter an exciting T56 alternative

Frontier/Xterra Transmissions Gain Popularity as CD009 and T56 Alternatives

G Force Performance has added another transmission adapter to their swap kit lineup, giving you another option besides the T56 or CD009 when choosing the manual transmission behind the popular GM LS Engine.

The LS is a favorite of car enthusiasts for many reasons—

  • Versatile, high-performance design
  • Affordable and obtainable
  • Strong but lightweight aluminum castings
  • Interchangeability throughout the LS series of engines
  • Readily available aftermarket parts
2005-2015 Nissan Xterra/Frontier Transmission for LS Swap

When paired with a solid manual transmission like those found on the 2005 and newer Nissan Frontier (D40) and Xterra (N50) V6 (VQ40DE) trucks, DIYers all over the country get excited about the performance of this combination. Both Nissan trucks have tough and reliable factory-installed 6-speed manual transmissions for 2WD and 4X4. And, they perform exceptionally well with an LS engine making this new kit a much-anticipated addition to the G Force line of LS conversion components.

 The CD009 transmission in Nissan cars

Like the more well-known CD009 6-speed manual transmission offered in Nissan cars, these truck transmissions are robust and work great mated to a GM V8 engine. A significant advantage of the D40 and N50 transmissions over the CD009, for which G Force also offers a Z33 LS transmission adapter, is the shifter location. Unlike the car transmission which all have a remote-mounted shifter located very far back, the Frontier/Xterra transmission shifters are top mounted and are better suited for these conversions.

Although the Frontier/Xterra transmission has similar internals as the CD009, it also has a larger case and is offered in both 2WD and 4x4 versions. In addition, these transmissions are affordable and readily available from your local salvage yard. With its close gear ratios and 4x4 option, this transmission will be perfect for the off-roader who wants a solid manual transmission for rock climbing and mud bogging, as well as the classic muscle car with a tall rear gear ratio.

Impressive T56 alternative

Similar to the Nissan CD009, the T56 is a factory-installed 6-speed manual transmission from GM. It was mounted in cars like the Camaro, Firebird, GTO, and CTS-V and has been a favorite transmission for conversion projects for years.

Lately, car enthusiasts are looking to the Nissan Frontier as a T56 alternative. It’s trending as the ‘go to’ swap for several reasons. For one, a T56 often is expensive, partly because these transmissions are becoming more scarce on the used auto parts market. Currently, the Frontier transmission is easier to find and is much less expensive on the used as well as the new market than the T56.

In addition, most people consider the Frontier 6-speed as at least as strong and possibly more substantial than the T56. Plus, the Frontier is an option for 4x4, which the T56 is not. For most projects, the Frontier is worth a look.

New Adapter Kit from G Force

Nissan Frontier Xterra G Force Transmission Adapter Kit with parts labeled

Our LS to Frontier/Xterra 6-speed manual transmission adapter kit (GF-LSFX-S) comes with the following components.

  • 3/8” thick powder-coated steel machined adapter plate with hardware
  • Custom steel flywheel which accepts Nissan Frontier/Xterra clutch setups
  • Steel throwout bearing spacer
  • Pilot bushing and adapter
  • Mounting hardware



Transmission gear ratios:

1st: 4.368     2nd: 2.518     3rd: 1.743     4th: 1.283     5th: 1.000     6th: .769

This kit allows for the use of a high torque LS mini starter. And, these transmissions accept a standard GM style mount, making it even easier to swap into your GM muscle car or 4x4 truck!

There are no modifications needed to the LS block. However, there is one minor modification to the transmission itself to allow for starter clearance and engagement. The adapter kit includes complete instructions for making this adjustment.

You’re swap to a Frontier (D40) or Xterra (N50) transmission, and the LS engine is easier than ever before. Check out the G Force GF-LSFX-S transmission adapter swap kit and get ready to go off-road with more power, more performance, and more confidence this summer.

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