GF-CM-PK-C 1984-1995 SBC Mustang headers
96-04 Mustang, Chevy Engine, Bolt In Motor Mount Adapter, SBC, High Performance 3

1996-2004 Mustang to SBC Full Kit- Fourth Generation


Model: GF-CML-PK-C


This power kit combines our popular adapter to directly bolt a SBC engine into your 96-04 Mustang, along with the high temp black headers, and the versatile G Force engine lift plates to ease your installation. Everything you need for your chevy powered mustang in one kit!!
SBC Headers for your Chevy Powered Mustang!

These headers were designed and developed by G-Force Performance to accommodate the popular SBC into 96-04 Mustang swap. They are designed to work in conjunction with our SBC to Mustang motor mount adapters and will clear the factory k-member.

These headers utilize a versatile ball and socket connector between the header and the provided down pipes which require no gasket and makes easy connection to your exhaust system.

These headers are coated in a satin black hi-Temp silicone resin coating that is rated for 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Manifold gaskets are included.

Tech Notes:
· The primary tubes are 1-3/4″. The collector is a 3″ ball and socket with downpipes.
· In regards to “FAST BURN HEADS”, there are two different fast burn aluminum heads. The early version WILL work with our G Force Performance headers. The newer version heads WILL NOT work, and can be identified by looking for the Bow Tie Logo on the end of the castings. The ports on the newer version head, GM #19300955, have a D-port that is raised .200”. These newer version fast burn heads will not seal properly with the G Force header flanges. Once again, the newer version fast burn heads WILL NOT work with our G Force headers. Early version fast burn heads WILL work.

· Some Fox Body Mustang applications will required an aftermarket steering shaft with a small universal joint. The large rag-joint steering coupler will not clear.

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