SSM-1310 Southside Machine Legacy 1963-1977 GM CHEVY CORVETTE TRACTION BAR


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Model: SSM-1310
  • This traction bar  feature a superior design made to use the vehicles “Axle Wrap-up Torque” planting tires, putting all Valuable HP to the pavement, forcing rear tires down into ground for a Solid Launch !
  • This unique design moves the lift point to the middle of the vehicle, so it will work faster on car’s “Instant Center” of gravity, lifting your car Faster, giving you both better 60’ft times & Reaction times.
  • SSM Control Arm / Lift Bar use a special “Delrin” bushing to reduce/eliminate twisting & bushing bind. “Delrin” is Better than Polyurethane bushings because it will not crush, smash, twist, & squeak on your car.
  • SSM conveniently located grease fittings, allow Delrin bushings to be greased without jacking up the car, and our Delrin bushings have proprietary grease flow channels that allow grease to flow to ALL bushing areas.
  • Our lift bars are made with strong gauge boxed steel tubing that will NOT flex or bend, then allowing your chassis to unload upon launch spinning tires up in smoke, and wasting your valuable HP & Torque.
  • The Durable black powder-coated finish resist scratches, chips, rusting, & corrosion, allowing these bars to look Great under your car for a long time after installation and for many years to come.
  • When using both our Upper & Lower bars together, you will benefit by having your “Pinion Angle” already adjusted slightly downward, at the required -2 to -6 degrees. Perfect drive-line symmetry to Launch HARD!
  • Easy to install, with step by step instructions and NO WELDING required on any set of Lift Bar, Traction Bar, or Control Arm, making them 100% Acceptable & Approved for NHRA & IHRA stock racing divisions.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 in
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