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G Force TR6060 Swap Block Trans Mock Up

Showcasing our TR6060 Swap Block Transmission Mock Up and More

TR6060 Transmission Mock Ups, Crossmembers, Transmission Mounts and More from G Force

Hey, Guys. Jordan from G-Force.

Today, I'm going to show you a few of our cool products. I have in front of me one of our TR6060 Mock Up Swap Blocks. I also have our patented Crossmember for a TR6060 as well as a standard transmission mount and TR6060 adapter.

One thing to note about the TR6060 is that the tailshaft has horizontal mounting points for an OEM transmission mount, so if you did want to run one of these, you have to utilize our TR6060 adapter.

And it just goes right on the tailshaft like so. And, it converts the mounting to a standard transmission mount. And then you can run our crossmember design for the transmission.

We're continually making new mock ups. This is the TR6060. We have a 6L80. but there's always new transmission mock ups coming to the website.

So, check us out at

Thanks for watching.

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