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G Force Swap Block 6BT Cummins Engine Mock Up Block

G Force Swap Block 6BT Cummins Mock Up Block

The Newest Addition to Our Swap Block™ Line

Welcome back to the G Force channel.

Jordan here, introducing our newest addition to our Swap Block™ Mock Up Blocks.

In front of me, I have this massive 6BT Cummins. Our Mock Up Blocks are a fraction of the weight of a real Cummins, which weighs about 1,200 pounds. So, this thing weighs in at about 36 pounds, and it's very easily moved around the shop and in and out of an engine bay.

As with all of our Swap Blocks, they come disassembled, but they're really easy to assemble using our unique tab and slot design. All of our mock up blocks come with a full hardware kit to bolt all your accessories to it.

So, the 6BT Mock Up Block comes with provisions for the motor mounts,  the front timing cover, bell housing plate, exhaust manifold, valve covers, and your oil filter housing.

So, this is great for guys doing Cummins swaps in into various chassis of your choice. In addition to the 6BT, we also have a 4BT version of the swap block. So, if you want to find out more about these Cummins swap blocks, check us out at

Thanks for watching.

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