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LS swap BMW hydroboost adapter

G Force 944 LS Swap BMW Hydroboost Adapter

BMW Hydroboost Adapter for you 944 LS Swap

Hey Guys, Jordan from G Force

As you may know, we offer an LS Swap Kit for the Porsche 944s. Today I’m going to be talking about an addition to that kit that we have. This is our hydroboost adapter that allows you to use a hydroboost unit in your swap.

A little background about this. So, when you do an LS swap in a 944 the valve covers are pretty wide, and they interfere with the stock vacuum booster.

To remedy this, a lot of guys are using the BMW style hydroboost units out of a 87 Series BMW. So, what we’ve created is an adapter that bolts to your firewall and allows you to bolt that BMW hydroboost unit up directly to this plate.

Now, this plate also relocates the hydroboost unit to the outside of the vehicle to gain a little bit clearance with your valve covers. So, it’s mounted like this and those are the contours of the firewall, and it creates the stock mounting location for your brake booster and master cylinder.

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