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adjustable ls motor mounts

LS Conversion Motor Mounts G Force Performance


Hi. I’m Stephanie with G Force Performance Products.

Today we’re talking about our Adjustable LS Motor Mount Set.

Many enthusiasts wanting to install an LS engine do not realize the differences from its early small block predecessor. The LS Block is 1” shorter. Its motor mounts are positioned further back on the block, and the cylinder heads are moved rearward with the right-side head mounting flush to the back of the block.

Because of these differences, you need additional head clearance from the firewall and to adapt old school motor mounts to the new LS block. Looking at your cars’ drivetrain, we need a way to relocate the engine and the transmission.

In most builds, we are moving the drivetrain forward 1 to 2 inches. This is why you need G Force Performance Adjustable LS Motor Mounts. This LS motor mount set will allow the installation of LS Platform engines into early GM vehicles, but utilize a standard 3 bolt style motor mount.

The mounts are adjustable to position the back of the block to the original factory location 1” forward or 2” forward. Along with these 3 preset locations, they are geometrically angled to facilitate the retention of proper driveline angles regardless of position.

No other mount adapter has this feature.

So, save yourself the headache of trying to fabricate your own mounts and buy ours today at 


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