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G Force Infiniti G35 Update

Infiniti G35 LT Engine Swap Update

G Force LT Mock Up Block Speeds Up an Engine Swap

Hey Guys

Jordan from G Force

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about our LT swap into our G35. If you haven’t been following, we’re throwing in a Gen 5 LT, it’s a 5.3-liter engine, into our Infiniti G35, which is a Z33 chassis. So, it's the same as a 350z.

We already offer a transmission adapter that goes from the LT to the Z33 transmission. And we’re utilizing this car to develop motor mounts, oil pan, headers, etc. that make the engine swap easier for the end user.

Pulled the engine out last week. I already threw our LT Mock Up Block in so that I can see how it looks in there and get some fitment details as well. We’re going to use this block to develop our prototype motor mounts and we’re going to also use it to bolt to the stock transmission and make sure everything is in the stock location for our swap.

We’re going to use this block to mock up an accessory drive and other components for this swap as well. So, while we have this out, we are also going to look at developing LS motor mounts and oil pan with our LS Mock Up Block, which makes it a breeze. 

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