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K Series z32 Adapter Kit

Honda K-series Engine to Z32 Transmission Adapter Kit

Welcome back to G Force.

I'm Jordan, and today we're going to be talking about our Honda K-series engine to Z32 transmission adapter.

So, the K-series engines came in a variety of Honda Civics, Accords, and CR-Vs. And it's a very popular four-cylinder engine. They came in a 2 liter and a 2.4. Those are considered the K20 and the K24 respectively.

So, there are some differences between the K20 and the K24, but for the most part, our kit works for all of them. The K-series engine is a very popular front- wheel-drive platform. Our kit allows you to take that 4-cylinder that came in these front-wheel-drive cars and utilize a rear-wheel-drive transmission. So you can put them in drift cars, classic cars, anything you want. So, that gives you an option for a rear-wheel-drive transmission.

Our adapter kids include a 3/8-inch steel adapter plate that's powder-coated for durability. We also include a custom steel flywheel that bolts to your K-series engine, and it actually utilizes the Z32 Nissan clutch components.

All of our kits come complete with hardware, pilot bushing adapter, and the necessary components to get your transmission bolted up to your engine.

Another thing to note about the Z32 transmissions is that they have a transmission mounted starter. So, you utilize that starter in our swap.

So, if you want to find out more about the K series to Z32 transmission adapter, check us out at

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