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Godzilla stuffed Ford Mustang

Godzilla Stuffed 2006 Ford Mustang

2006 Ford Mustang 5-Speed with Godzilla 7.3L Engine

Hey Guys, Jordan from G Force

Today I’m going to be showing you our Godzilla Swapped Mustang.

We started out with a pretty clean shell. It’s a 2006 convertible with only 25,000 miles, and then we stuffed a 7.3L Ford Godzilla engine out of the new super-duty trucks [into it].

A couple of products that we developed along the way are the motor mounts, and we also have an oil cooler block off to get rid of the clunky oil cooler on the side of the engine.

Another product we have in the works are long tube headers for this swap as well.

Overall, it was a pretty straightforward swap. The 7.3 bolted right up to the 5-speed that came in the car. We used an off-the-shelf flywheel for it. We also were able to bolt the Mustang accessories up to the engine.

As far as the engine control unit goes, there’s aftermarket units out there. We used a stand-alone harness and a computer. So, they are readily available for any swap that you want to do with the Godzilla engines.

We also had to use a 2 1/2” cowl hood to clear the intake. And we used an intake that puts the throttle body facing forward instead of up, which helped us with the swap.

If you want to learn more about this swap and check out the products that we offer, check out our website at

Thanks for watching.

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