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LSA supercharger belt drive

G Force Upgraded LSA Supercharger Belt Drive System

Hey Guys—Jordan from G Force Performance. In this video we’re going to be talking about our Upgraded LSA Drive Belt Setup [Upgraded LSA Drive Belt Supercharger System | GF-LSA-AB].

In this system we include a heavy-duty off the shelf belt tensioner off a Cummins engine. We have the 110 millimeter upper idler pulley and the 76 millimeter lower idler pulley. Those are both oversized compared to a stock LSA system which allows you to have more belt wrap on the supercharger pulley which allows for less belt slippage.

The heavy-duty tensioner also aides in that because it does provide more tension than a stock LSA tensioner. And, we also include billeted aluminum brackets for the tensioner setup as well as the idler setup and a of the appropriate hardware and instructions to install this onto your next LSA build.

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