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Hi. I'm Jordan from G Force Performance.

Although we're known for our crossmembers, we also have a full line of performance parts. Here we have one of our latest developments, the LS2 Nissan transmission adapter.

This adapter kit allows you to use an LS small-block-Chevy engine in front of a Nissan 300zx transmission. This is great for a swap into a Nissan 300zx or any muscle car for that fact. As the 300zx transmissions are easy to find, cheap and they're very strong.

This flywheel is machined with the LS crank bolt pattern in the center and a Nissan ring gear. It has provisions for both the naturally aspirated and twin turbo clutch setups. So that you can use either one. This kit is only used with the naturally aspirated transmission though.

The bellhousing adapter plate is made out a 3/8” steel and has the transmission dowels incorporated. It's then powder coated with a nice black finish.

It also includes a pilot bushing adapter. This adapter utilizes a 300zx pilot bushing so that if you ever need a replacement you can just go to the auto parts store.

Another product that we sell are these LS to Gen I small-block motor mount adapters. These adapters allow for install in the stock bellhousing location. Or, either 1” or 2” forward locations. Another thing that's neat about these is they have a 3-degree drivetrain angle built in.

We also have a full line of exhaust clamps. This is one of our quick release v-band clamps. What's cool about this one is it has an interlocking feature which allows for precise alignment and a secure seal. The bore that receives the exhaust tubing is also tapered. This allows for a snug seal, with variances in the exhaust tubing.

We also specialize in flywheels. Not only are our flywheels SFI rated but the balance is checked in-house.

Let's go check out our balance machine.

Here we are at the balancer with one of our LS I flywheels. We're going to test the balance on this to make sure it's within spec. As you can see this part came up within specification. In the rare instance that the part is out of tolerance we have the capabilities to make corrections.

Thank you for choosing G Force Performance.

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