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mock up engine swap block highlights

G Force Mock Up Block Highlights

What Makes the Newest G Force Mock Up Block Unique?

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I’m Jordan with G Force Performance

Today I’m going to talk about our patent pending mock up block fixtures. You might have heard of the foam blocks that you can buy for mock up purposes. They’re light but they’re very expensive and they’re kind of fragile.

Because of that we came up with this steel construction. One of our first mock up blocks was the LS. Our LS version was welded together. It was very strong, very durable, and very accurate. But, as we’ve improved our design we’ve come up with a new way of shipping and assembling this thing to better the overall design thing.

So, when you purchase one of these it’s going to come disassembled with all these pieces of steel. Now, there’s a front and back plate and all the connecting plates have this return on them with makes everything super ridged and strong.

Each one of these tabs and slots has about a five thousandths tolerance so you’re not any of that tolerance like with a bolt together design.

So, what you’re going to do is insert all of these side pieces into the front and back and then you’re going to bend this tab over. When you bend it over it sucks everything together and creates a very rigid, strong connection. These things are probably, with these reliefs, even stronger than a welded together version.

Some of the features that these have are you can bolt pretty much any accessory to this. There’s a spot for an intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, motor mounts, front accessories, bellhousing, and oil pan.

So, you can see here with our LT block we have a lot of the accessories on here ready. We’ve got our water pump. This one actually has a spot for the alternator bracket as well.

You can set an intake on top, bolt an oil pan to it and use these things for making sure that the K member clears, mocking up motor mounts, bolting your transmission to it making sure it’s in the right spot before throwing your actual engine in.

So, there’s a lot of uses for these and I think it’s going to be a very helpful tool. What’s pretty neat is that we came out with a Godzilla. A Ford 7.3 which is a pretty new engine. This is going to be great for you guys wanting to swap that new engine into some older cars or whatever you want to do. Now there’s a mock up block so you can make sure everything fits before throwing that big old engine in there.

We also have a Gen IV LT, right here, which is another new one. Pretty popular engine I think. Not as popular as the LS but it’s getting up there and I think this will be good for mocking up motor mounts and other kind of stuff.

As we improve, we’re going to start releasing even more versions of the engines. We’re looking at making a Hemi, other Ford engines, and whatever you guys think might be a good engine to have a mock up block for.

So, if you want to learn more about these you can go to our website at

Thanks for watching.

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