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cylinder head stand

G Force Cylinder Head Stand

Unique Cylinder Head Stand Turns 360 Degrees.

Welcome back, Jordan from G Force.

Today I'm going to show you one of our new products, our cylinder head stand. Some of the key features about the cylinder head stand is that it rotates so that whether you're changing out your valve springs or doing an at home valve job, it allows you to easily manipulate the head in various different angles. And, once you have it in a position, you can lock it down with a screw.

This cylinder head stand was designed to hold some of the heaviest heads out there. This is an LS head. It's aluminum. It's very light. But, we also had a Big Block Chevy cylinder head on here. That's steel, and it weighs about 70 to 80 pounds, and this thing didn't even deflect.

Some of the other key features about the cylinder head stand is that it has storage for your valve train components. You can put your springs in these front holes here and then in the back there [are] spots for your valves. And then in this little bin you can put your locks and retainers in there for storage.

So, [it’s a] pretty neat little stand here. It makes it easy for the do-it-yourselfer. And it's a good storage unit for when you have your heads off for your next engine build.
So, if you want to find out more about this product and check out some of our other new products, check out our website at

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